Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mini-Treatment for Short Script

Take Your Life

STUART EMERSON, 33, is an intelligent doctor with a hidden secret; when he is not saving lives at the hospital, he is taking them. He is a psychotic killer that preys on women. After a night of torturing and killing his latest victim, Stuart is on the prowl for another young victim. He finds the beautiful Amber running alone in a cemetery. He kidnaps her and brings her back to his basement.

Stuart waits for her to awaken and then begins his game of getting to know her and her pain threshold. Only, to Stuart’s surprise does Amber have a high tolerance for pain and it seems as though she is enjoying it.

Amber talks to Stuart, relating to him, making it hard for Stuart to kill her. Amber convinces Stuart to untie her, and Amber’s game of manipulating him to let her take his own life begins.

1 comment:

  1. Very impress on how this mini treatment is concise, short and outlined to the point. Good job!