Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Ideas

I have been doing much writing lately. I could easily spend my days writing and nothing else. I finally feel like a writer. I'm having a dilemma because I have a script due at the end of November, but I also signed up for NaNoWriMo. I have three ideas for a novel. But I also want to just keep working on my fictional blogs. I don't know if I can ring them into a novel status. I'm really focused on them and excited about them.

This post is not so much about film as it is writing. although, these blogs will be turned into scripts/films. I started a blog for my serial killer script, which is fun to pretend to be him and write like him, but challenging since he is a heart surgeon. I also started another set of three blogs, of which I created a new user and listed the three blogs under it; tentively titled Vampire Romance. It is based on the novel and series I want to write about a woman who falls in love with a vampire (surprise!) and his sire (another surprise), but she is also being hunted by a mafia type gang of vamps. (spoiler!)Unlike other vamp stories, she will be allowed to have both of them at the same time.

Anyway, these blogs are of Karlea - hers will be fun, have photos, and be about everything; Jake - his will be all music reviews and journalistic, until he meets Karlea; and Vaughn's will be all music industry related also until he meets Karlea.

I have big plans for these blogs to include photos and videos. Which is a whole project in itself, dressing people up in character. I also want to make facebook, delicious, and twitter accounts. A lot to keep up with!

Need to make a schedule!

I have another blog that is secret, that I need to do some of this stuff with. Not all of it applies.

After watching a short film today, I was inspired with a new idea for short. Its a basic story; guy abuses his girlfriend and his roommate always comes to her rescue. They fall in love and must tell her boyfriend, which does not turn out well. Still working on the kinks and twists.

Also just had another idea for a serial killer script. A woman, after being diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia in a mental hospital, tries to keep her life together after she is released, amidst a city living in fear as a serial killer roams the night streets. As, her life falls apart around her, her only friend and sponsor helps her to keep going, even as she starts to have hallucinations. She eventually realizes that he is the only one in the world that cares about her and her schizoprenzia. She falls for him, even though he is several years older than her and one evening they admit their feelings for each other sharing an intimate night together. She wakes up from horrible dreams, hallucinating, noticing he is missing from the bed. She searches the house for him and sees things that indicate that he is the serial killer plaguing the streets, but she does not know if she is really seeing this or hallucinating. She isn't hallucinating and becomes his next victim; the ultimate prize that he has been planning for - he changed her meds and that's what made her hallucinate, in an attempt to try to get her to kill with him. He was the one that made her life fall apart piece by piece just so she would become closer to him.

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