Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o6.17.12

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday!
Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there.

This week's snippet is another continuation of the scene from last week. In my WIP novel, BloodLust, Vaughn was having a fantasy of bringing Karlea as his guest to the members-only vampire club. She doesn't know vampires exist, and if she does, then she has been compelled to forget.

This started as an add-in to a part of my novel I already wrote, but then developed into this long side story, so I'm not really sure what to do with it yet.

In this scene, Vaughn and Karlea have just entered into the club, Flesh. Vaughn has her sitting close to the entrance of the club, not wanting her to figure anything out yet. They have ordered a bottle of Hennessy whiskey at Karlea's discretion.

“To you, enjoy yourself tonight.” Vaughn said.

They clinked their shot glasses together. Vaughn tipped his back like it was nothing, which for him it was nothing. But Karlea took it like a champ, not even making a face as the warm liquid hit the back of her throat and burned. They put their glasses down and Karlea instinctively reached for the neck of the bottle between her index and middle fingers. She was about to pour when Vaughn took the bottle from her.

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On a side note, this week begins my adventure to becoming vegan and gluten-free. So, stay tuned for some interesting posts - it is sure to be entertaining. I've eaten meat/gluten my whole life and have decided to stop cold turkey for health reasons and to challenge myself - me not eating meat is like a vampire not drinking human blood. Any tips/suggestions are appreciated!

Have a great week!


  1. took the bottle and then.....
    nice six :)

    1. Heeheehee...the suspense is maddening! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Great rhythm with your six. I had a hard time visualizing a woman grabbing a whiskey bottle (even the neck of one) with just her index and middle fingers. But maybe that's because I have a small hand? LOL.

    Good for you for going vegan/gluten free!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, i had a hard time with that line too, so thanks for input. I will be changing that line a bit. Always looking to improve what I wrote.