Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o6.1o.12

Yay, its Sunday! And I have been having fun writing this little add-in scene to my novel; Vaughn's fantasy, that i started sharing last week. In this scene , they just entered into the member's-only club, Flesh. This is Karlea's first impression of the club...

Karlea was impressed as she stepped inside the club. It was slightly bigger than Virtu, but the elaborate velvet decor, including many sofas and chairs made it seem smaller. The decor was impressive and expensive. At a club like Virtu it would have easily been destroyed in one night, but Karlea guessed that with an expensive membership only club, people took better care of things instead of puking all over them. The music was loud, but not so loud, you couldn’t hear each other talk. And it wasn’t fast beat electronic, it was actually old time jazz.
Vaughn led her to a dark velvet sofa with a black glass coffee table near the entrance.

I wish I could give you more, but that was six. I had a hard time picking out this six because there is so much more good stuff to come, but I wanted to share Karlea's description of the club.

How long do you think it will be before she figures out that it is a vampire club?

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