Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.30.12

Welcome to another week of six sentences and thanks for stopping by :)

This week's six picks up right where we left off last week - Armani taking Karlea against her will, compelling her to go with with him. When she arrives at his building the compulsion wears off sending her into a panic...(Karlea has the first line after she crashed into him while trying to get away).

Armani smiled coldly down at her as he wrapped his arm around her; his other hand letting go of hers and clamping the death grip back on her wrist. She began to struggle, but his grip was so strong.
"There's nothing to be afraid of," Armani grinned, "I'm going to make you feel the best you have ever felt before you die. I promise you will give in to me before its over."
He stared down at her as she struggled; she was just so beautiful, and he couldn't wait for her body to be quivering underneath him right before he drank her dry.

Its really not looking good for her or maybe it is. What do you think should happen next? Should someone save her or is she left to try to fend for herself? Let me know.

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Hearts & Stars.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.23.12

Happy Fall! This will be my first Northern California fall, I'm not really sure what to expect. In Atlanta, leaves didn't change and start falling off of trees until November. Will that even happen here? I'm excited for apples, pumpkins, hopefully falling leaves, and all the fun Halloween activities, vegan food and drink. I should probably start looking into Halloween events for the kids and for the hubby and I, I'm sure SF and the East Bay will have some awesome parties and concerts. Book a babysitter now :)

Anyway, onto Six Sentence Sunday! This week picks up right where we left off last week.

Perfect look for Armani :)
Karlea complied, taking Armani's hand as she stood up. Armani wrapped his arm around her, pulling her into him, as if to keep her warm from the cold wind they were about to face. He held her hand with his free hand, keeping her eternally locked to him as they walked out of the club.
The compulsion wore off as soon as she was in the safety of his building. She snapped out of it immediately noticing the foreign surroundings, and feeling her hand in Armani's as he walked behind her down the long corridor.
In a panic, she turned around, crashing into his chest as his grip on her hand became deathly tight.

Oh, shit...its not looking good for her. What do you think will happen next?

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.16.12

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday!

I had the honor of seeing one of my favorite bands this week, Blaqk Audio, something I have been looking forward to since they released their tour dates. it was just too perfect that I was moving to the Bay Area and they were playing their hometown the same day their new record, Bright Black Heaven, came out. It was such a great concert and I was so close. Davey Havok is absolutely beautiful! I love him so much! Seeing them live just inspired me creatively even more and motivate me even more. So, thanks guys!

She looked just above him as he spoke. He grabbed onto her chin and forced her to look into his eyes, his eyes changing over to red in front of her. He bit down on her hand, fast and hard; the sound of her skin, muscle, and bone crunched loudly. She yelled out and tried to pull away, but he was still holding her by her chin. He sipped on her blood feeling the tiniest bit of excitement rise in her between the pain.
Armani released her hand, still looking her in the eyes, "You will come with me."
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Past posts of Armani can be found here and here. He's an interesting one ;)
See you next week! Until then I will dream and further be inspired by Davey Havok heart, heart, heart!
(Picture a cartoon character with hearts all around her, that's me right now ;) He's so dreamy!)

*Photo credit goes to the hubby! He is taller and could take way better photos than I could.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.o9.12

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday! This week is another snippet from a side story from my WIP novel BloodLust. I may use this side story as a dream within my novel or change my female character and make it a spin off novella or something. 
Where we last left off, Karlea was introduced to Armani and avoiding eye contact, knowing the danger it can impose. 

He took hold of her hand, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb, erasing her club stamp.
“I am Armani.” Armani kissed her hand. “I will make your night.” He grinned, “It will be a real screamfest. I will make you feel the best you have ever felt.”

Can anyone guess whom I am picturing for Armani? Check out the hints from last week.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.o2.12

Welcome to another six! I can't believe its September already and that I have been in the Bay Area for over three weeks now! I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I live here, its unreal. I have to say that the view driving on the MacArthur Freeway is absolutely magnificent! The sight of the bay on one side and mountains on the other, with palm trees and sun, its just amazing.

So, this week's snippet is from a side story of my WIP novel. I just took off writing it and not really sure how its going to fit into my novel, if at all, but I do want to do something with it. Karlea is sitting at the vampire club when she gets a taste of Armani :)

"Your exquisite beauty has captured the attention of this entire club."
Karlea jumped at the sound of his voice and he grinned at her humanness; that he moved so fast that she never saw him come over to her and kneel before her. 
She noticed him kneeling in front of her, holding a red rose out to her. He gestured for her to take it and she did, saying thank you quietly and trying to avoid his eyes at all costs. 
Karlea noticed that he was handsome: tall, thin, deathly pale, dark eyes that were accented more by dark eyeliner, black hair that was short on the sides and longer down the middle, longer strands falling down to the sides of his face; and dressed in an expensive, shiny black gothic suit. Maybe he was her type, but she wasn't interested.

I think Armani may try to change her mind. When I wrote this and described Armani, I realized I totally described someone in particular without meaning to and he has been my face of Armani ever since. I want to post a pic, but I want to see if anyone can guess it over the next few weeks. Whoever does get it right, will get a free copy of my book when I am done with it. First hint, or two: He is a musician and lives (or used to) in the Bay Area (he may now live in Los Angeles for all I know).

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