Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o9.16.12

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday!

I had the honor of seeing one of my favorite bands this week, Blaqk Audio, something I have been looking forward to since they released their tour dates. it was just too perfect that I was moving to the Bay Area and they were playing their hometown the same day their new record, Bright Black Heaven, came out. It was such a great concert and I was so close. Davey Havok is absolutely beautiful! I love him so much! Seeing them live just inspired me creatively even more and motivate me even more. So, thanks guys!

She looked just above him as he spoke. He grabbed onto her chin and forced her to look into his eyes, his eyes changing over to red in front of her. He bit down on her hand, fast and hard; the sound of her skin, muscle, and bone crunched loudly. She yelled out and tried to pull away, but he was still holding her by her chin. He sipped on her blood feeling the tiniest bit of excitement rise in her between the pain.
Armani released her hand, still looking her in the eyes, "You will come with me."
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Past posts of Armani can be found here and here. He's an interesting one ;)
See you next week! Until then I will dream and further be inspired by Davey Havok heart, heart, heart!
(Picture a cartoon character with hearts all around her, that's me right now ;) He's so dreamy!)

*Photo credit goes to the hubby! He is taller and could take way better photos than I could.


  1. Ooh, he sounds a mean one. Intriguing 6!

  2. Dude, manners! ;) Armani sounds like a "man" who knows what he wants and a taste of her blood seems to be number one on the list. So glad there's at least a little pleasure with her pain. Great six, Siren!

    And fun on the concert!

  3. He sound like someone to avoid at all costs.

  4. Thank you to all for commenting :) Armani just has to have her. He will get pretty brutal, too.I will post a pic of him next week. He's a good looking vamp, just not nice ;)