Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1o.28.12

Good morning! I forget about the time difference I now have to deal with here. I woke up thinking I had time to write a blog post, but then remembered I am three hours behind the east coast! Its still so strange to me and I am still not understanding the television schedules here. I really wanted to go back to sleep, I hardly sleep as it is, but here I am writing. 

I am currently bracing myself for my first earthquake, as if I can predict these things, but with the 7.7 quake that struck off the cost of Alaska and Canada and a tsunami warning... I am definitely aware. In my mind, plates of the earth moved, it could cause a rippling effect down the west coast; more plates will have to shift somewhere (hopefully not here).

And go GIANTS!!!! Although I would like them to win the series at home. It is going to be crazy here if they win and I am definitely going to that parade! I wanted to go to the games at home, but if it had been a week later, I could have budgeted for $300 tickets. I am still a Red Sox fan at heart, but I have to support my home team in this awesome place I now live, so they will now be up there with the Sox.

Okay, let's continue on with my WIP, picking up where we left off last week, continuing with Armani's dialog...

"I will make you forget who you are. I will do all that for you and then for me, I will take all your sexual energy and blood."

Karlea was scared; he was going to rape her...and it sounded brutal, before he would drink her dry. She was hoping for a quick death, knowing how some vampires liked to make it torturous but this was going to be anything but quick. She didn't know what to do, what could she do?

Then she remembered the small stake she had lodged between her breasts inside her bra.

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And if I could ask one more favor...please vote for Nick 13 of Tiger Army on CMT's Pure 12-Pack Countdown

I know, I know, I am plugging country music here, but Nick  13's music is actually really good. Its country, but it has this really dark feel to it. I kept hearing people say that it was really good even if you weren't into country, so I decided to check it out. And I have to say Nick 13 is extremely talented! Please vote for him, I promised him he would get to #1 (a spot he clearly deserves) on the countdown. Thanks!

Have a great Halloween! And I wish everyone on the east coast to stay safe from Hurricane Sandy!!!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1o.21.12

Welcome to another Armani-filled Sunday! 
I feel like crap, its been a very exhausting week, that concluded with seeing Tiger Army in San Francisco! 

They are originally from Berkeley, so this was their hometown show and the first of their tour. Adam Carson from AFI guest appeared on drums for two songs! I was hoping for some Davey Havok, but Adam Carson did not disappoint! The pit was crazy and although I did not go in it, I feel like I did. I'm actually lucky the pit didn't envelope me, there were a few times I thought for sure it was going to. I've fallen down in enough pits to know that I didn't want to fall in that one.

On to more hotness, whose name is Armani. This continues right where we left off last week. Armani has the first line, explaining just what a sexual vampire is:
"I not only feed off blood, but sexual energy. You have the best of both worlds, I never thought I would find it."
"What are you going to do to me before you kill me?" Karlea asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I told you, I'm going to make you feel the best you have ever felt. I have the power to make you leave this plane of existence and enter into a new euphoric one, a plane you never knew existed."

I think if that was me, I would give in to Armani right there. Something tells me that he wouldn't disappoint.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1o.14.12

I love Sundays! Actually, I love Saturdays, too because that's when I craft together my SSS. But Sundays, I get to read a bunch of comments! So, thank you everyone who reads and comments every week. 

I apologize for being slow with commenting on other author's six. Every week is crazy for me with five kids, but this week I had my youngest two very sick with some nasty stomach virus. Its a good thing I'm used to not sleeping very much.

So, let's continue this thing with Armani. I know you all are waiting for his answer...

It wouldn't have mattered if you were with someone or not, I would of taken you," Armani stopped abruptly, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in both my human and non-human existence."

Armani held up her hand and with his other hand just brushed his fingertips with hers as he closed his eyes. "You're sexual energy is intense, even now as you tremble with fear."

Karlea looked at their hands. "How do do you know that?"

Armani smiled, "I am what they call a sexual vampire."

Knowing what Armani looks like, I think I would melt right there :) 

Sorry its so short and there is so much more I want to share. I will definitely be continuing this until readers say they are bored of it, so please when you do get bored with Armani (if ever) let me know. ;)

So, I decided not to do my portfolio review this semester and aim for spring semester. I need more time to make my portfolio as good as it can be and I am seriously thinking of changing my focus from screenwriting to directing. So, since I can't take more classes until I pass my review, I am thinking of getting my Kickstarter campaign going for my novel (the page has been already to go for some time, I just need to hit the submit button). Any money generated helps me finish, edit, publish, and create goodies related to my novel. I'm thinking this may be the time to do it because once I start classes again where I am working on my thesis project, i won't be doing anything else. I am also thinking of doing NaNoWriMo in November again, however I will be cheating and just continuing on with BloodLust, but at least it keeps me writing. I have another novel idea, but I don't want to start another novel until I finish this one. 

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1o.o7.12

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday for this week. The months just seem to be flying by, I have been living in the Bay Area for 3 months now (and still have boxes and a room to unpack/put together).
I did see this week, a tree that had changing fall leaves. It had half green leaves and then some beautiful red leaves. It was an awesome sight. I didn't think I would see fall leaves here, and you can be sure I will be going back to photograph that tree soon. So fall in the East Bay = much love!

Anyway, I am continuing with my Karlea and Armani situation. Past entries can be found below, if you would like to get caught up on the scene, which I suggest so you know what is going on here. This snippet continues right where the last left off. 

Karlea wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but she saw the look in his eyes. She knew, being human, that there was no way to stop him, she was totally fucked at this point. She had known it was risky to go to Flesh alone, but she had to find Vaughn or better yet, Jake; she had to take that risk. And now here she was, at the mercy of Armani, her life in his hands, and something told her that there was no way he was going to be merciful; only Jake or Vaughn could save her from death now, and that didn't look like it was happening.
"Why me - because I was all alone?" Karlea asked.

I so want to keep going. I can tell you that it will get a lot steamier each week. So, if you want more Armani, like I do, keep visiting each Sunday.

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Have a great October week!