Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collection of Past Six Sentence Sundays Armani/Karlea

"Your exquisite beauty has captured the attention of this entire club."
Karlea jumped at the sound of his voice and he grinned at her humanness; that he moved so fast that she never saw him come over to her and kneel before her. 
She noticed him kneeling in front of her, holding a red rose out to her. He gestured for her to take it and she did, saying thank you quietly and trying to avoid his eyes at all costs. 
Karlea noticed that he was handsome: tall, thin, deathly pale, dark eyes that were accented more by dark eyeliner, black hair that was short on the sides and longer down the middle, longer strands falling down to the sides of his face; and dressed in an expensive, shiny black gothic suit. Maybe he was her type, but she wasn't interested. 

He took hold of her hand, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb, erasing her club stamp.
“I am Armani.” Armani kissed her hand. “I will make your night.” He grinned, “It will be a real screamfest. I will make you feel the best you have ever felt.”

She looked just above him as he spoke. He grabbed onto her chin and forced her to look into his eyes, his eyes changing over to red in front of her. He bit down on her hand, fast and hard; the sound of her skin, muscle, and bone crunched loudly. She yelled out and tried to pull away, but he was still holding her by her chin. He sipped on her blood feeling the tiniest bit of excitement rise in her between the pain.
Armani released her hand, still looking her in the eyes, "You will come with me."

Karlea complied, taking Armani's hand as she stood up. Armani wrapped his arm around her, pulling her into him, as if to keep her warm from the cold wind they were about to face. He held her hand with his free hand, keeping her eternally locked to him as they walked out of the club.
The compulsion wore off as soon as she was in the safety of his building. She snapped out of it immediately noticing the foreign surroundings, and feeling her hand in Armani's as he walked behind her down the long corridor.
In a panic, she turned around, crashing into his chest as his grip on her hand became deathly tight.

Armani smiled coldly down at her as he wrapped his arm around her; his other hand letting go of hers and clamping the death grip back on her wrist. She began to struggle, but his grip was so strong.
"There's nothing to be afraid of," Armani grinned, "I'm going to make you feel the best you have ever felt before you die. I promise you will give in to me before its over."
He stared down at her as she struggled; she was just so beautiful, and he couldn't wait for her body to be quivering underneath him right before he drank her dry.

Karlea wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but she saw the look in his eyes. She knew, being human, that there was no way to stop him, she was totally fucked at this point. She had known it was risky to go to Flesh alone, but she had to find Vaughn or better yet, Jake; she had to take that risk. And now here she was, at the mercy of Armani, her life in his hands, and something told her that there was no way he was going to be merciful; only Jake or Vaughn could save her from death now, and that didn't look like it was happening.
"Why me - because I was all alone?" Karlea asked.

It wouldn't have mattered if you were with someone or not, I would of taken you," Armani stopped abruptly, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in both my human and non-human existence."
Armani held up her hand and with his other hand just brushed his fingertips with hers as he closed his eyes. "You're sexual energy is intense, even now as you tremble with fear."
Karlea looked at their hands. "How do do you know that?"
Armani smiled, "I am what they call a sexual vampire."

"I not only feed off blood, but sexual energy. You have the best of both worlds, I never thought I would find it."
"What are you going to do to me before you kill me?" Karlea asked, tears welling up in her eyes.
"I told you, I'm going to make you feel the best you have ever felt. I have the power to make you leave this plane of existence and enter into a new euphoric one, a plane you never knew existed."

"I will make you forget who you are. I will do all that for you and then for me, I will take all your sexual energy and blood."
Karlea was scared; he was going to rape her...and it sounded brutal, before he would drink her dry. She was hoping for a quick death, knowing how some vampires liked to make it torturous but this was going to be anything but quick. She didn't know what to do, what could she do?
Then she remembered the small stake she had lodged between her breasts inside her bra.

Armani pulled her from behind him, walking towards the steel door at the end of the long hallway. Karlea kept up with him without struggling, as she pulled the small stake from her bra. She raised the stake, ready to drive it through his back, into his heart. Armani turned around with his vampire speed and knocked the stake from her hand, immediately pushing her into the wall.
"A valiant effort, I must say." He grinned as he used his speed to pick up the stake, "You're dating a vampire, I expected you to be carrying one on you."

Armani twirled the stake in his hand, as he held Karlea by the throat against the wall, "For the times when things get out of control... in bed." Armani smirked at the thought of her in bed with a vampire, then continued, "have you ever had to stake your boyfriend? My apologies, I mean ex-boyfriend."
Karlea didn't say a word, but she didn't have to.
"Of course you haven't, you like it, all of it. You like the roughness, the hurt, and almost losing your life."


Armani tightened the grip on her throat, making her unable to breathe, causing her to grab onto his wrist to try to loosen his grip as he continued, "I can tell, I can sense it. Well, tonight you really will lose your life."
Karlea stared at him; his face becoming a black spot as he grinned, consciousness slipping away from her.
"Your silence does nothing for you, your blood gives it all away."
Armani let go of her throat, immediately grabbing onto the back of her head and pulling it back to expose her neck. He drove his fangs deep into her throat, a hoarse painful moan escaped her lips. 

Karlea pushed against his shoulders in a desperate attempt to get his body off of her, but his body was so cold and heavy against hers that it barely moved the slightest inch. Karlea gave up and relaxed her body, letting him take what he wanted from her. The pain of his bite radiated through her throat, she could feel Armani sucking hard at her neck, taking life from her with each sip. She felt the room spin, involuntarily grabbing onto Armani's shoulders for support as she closed her eyes.

Armani pulled her closer into him, holding tightly onto her as he felt her get weaker, her breasts smashed up against him, he had pulled her so close. He really wanted to bite one, but he knew if he didn't stop soon, she would be dead and his play time would be over.

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