Sunday, December 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 12.23.12

Happy Yule and Winter Soltice! And Happy Holidays for any holiday you celebrate! 

I cannot believe this year is almost over. So, much has happened over 2012. Oh, and, hey, we are all still here; the world didn't end, or really change for that matter. I'm not opposed to the world changing in some better way. 

My week has been spent running around for the holidays, and for the last week of school before a two week break with events going on at their school - parties, orchestra concerts, projects, holiday gifts for teachers, and a parent/teacher lunch and teacher gift I was coordinating. And four still sick kids. My second oldest was sick the day of the parent/teacher lunch, of course, but the principal told me to bring him to the lunch anyways, which was nice. We had a good time :) He also had his first violin concert this past week and it was so cute to watch him play, he was so excited! I finished my holiday shopping yesterday and I plan on spending the next few days relaxing with my family, drinking lots of tea and hot cocoa, and hopefully catching up on my work/writing. 

All I want for the holidays is some good writing time! And maybe a new tattoo. (Hint, Hint, to the hubby). I'll leave the house, if I can get a new tattoo :) Either my collarbone piece (There's A Fire Inside Me in cursive text) or my wrists (x's) are next. 

Okay, so we just continue to pick up where we left off. Armani drank from her, nearly killing her before pulling himself away. She is lying on the floor too weak to move as Armani continues to mess with her. Here are links to the last two weeks if you are interested: 12.09.12 and 12.16.12. This week's will probably make more sense if you read the other two first.

Armani picked her up from the floor; her head resting on his shoulder as he did, color completely drained from her face. He set her against the wall again, holding her in place. He listened to the beat of her heart, once full of life, it was now slow and faint.
"You're so weak..." He said quietly as he looked her over.
It took everything she had to smirk and say quietly, "You take a lot out of me."

There is so much more after this that I can't wait to share. I will still be posting even after Six Sentence Sunday ends, if anyone still wants to follow. Fellow sixer, S.J. Maylee, let me know that Skye Warren is trying to continue SSS, so please sign up if you are interested! Please check out more great authors here, too. 

I am in the process of setting up a Kickstarter for my Armani story. I was hoping to have it almost done this week, but so far have only gotten my twitter sized blurb done: A novel about a lustful Italian Renaissance noble, turned vampire - his past, his present, his future.
I'm working on the "blurb". So far this is my WIP: 
Meet Armani - Italian Renaissance noble. Wealthy family. Artist. Lustful. Vampire. A story of his past, and in modern times where he falls in love with one of his intended victims, wanting nothing more from her than a companion for eternity.

Meet Karlea - a young, beautiful bartender - that every vampire seems to want- her heart bleeding from a bad break-up with her vampire lover, Jake, and his maker. Looking for Jake, (or looking for death), she runs into Armani and he claims her for his own. 
Given the choice, she will refuse, but forcing it upon her will change her forever in ways no one thought was possible. 
With her he will share intimate details of his past, and forge onward into the adventures of eternity.
I know it needs work and it is a WIP, but I will take any suggestions. 

Thanks for reading! And please comment! I may be slow, but I always comment back before the next sunday comes! Enjoy the holidays!!!!


  1. Is it terrible that her line made me snicker :)
    Happy Holidays. My week of crazy is about to begin. I'm almost ready, I think.

    1. No, it was supposed to :) She is a little delirious from the loss of blood and being pretty bold. She would prefer that he just kill her instead of being his play thing.

  2. At least it sounds like he does care a little for her. He's still a selfish bastard.

    1. He's starting to care, only so he can keep her alive for his own use :)

  3. What did he think would happen? Intriguing six, Siren. :)

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  5. I love this! I like that she says "you take a lot out of me." Very clever! Great six! :) I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks! She's a little delirious at the moment and feeling brave :)