Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday o1.2o.13

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. Are you excited? I'm excited ;)

Its 5-whatever am here and I am always making myself get up this early everyday to get in some alone work/write time. I find I am slacking off by the evenings and can't keep up with my family because of it, but at least I get some time in to myself in the mornings before everyone wakes up.

Today will be spent with the kids eating pizza and drinking soda (I never let them have soda unless its a party) and watching the 49ers-Falcons game. Go 49ers! I hate football! But  since the Giants took the Series home, I figured it would be pretty cool if the 49ers took the SuperBowl - Go San Fran, this city rocks! Also, they are playing in Atlanta, where I lived before this. I never had any team spirit for the Atlanta teams while I lived there. If by some chance the Falcons do win, I will be rooting for them, since I lived there. This is kind of a really cool game for me today and I'm excited to watch and celebrate with my kids. Oh, and also my dad's favorite team has always been the 49ers, since Joe Montana was on the team. So, I will be thinking of him as I watch the game. I wish he could visit me in SF and I would gladly take him to a 49ers game. Maybe next season.

Okay, so I bet you are waiting for more Karlea and we go.

Where we last left off Karlea was dying :( Sorry, guys.

The pain was just too much and Karlea immediately wished for death. The blood felt so warm as it left her, her body so cold, a cold she had never experienced before. Her head was spinning and she was starting go into the blackness forever. She touched her wound and could feel the warm blood that covered her hand. She weakly reached for Armani and put her blood covered fingers on his lips - his eyes changing to red immediately. 
"You're wasting it. Finish it." She weakly said so quietly that only his vampire hearing would hear it. She exposed her neck for him, waiting for him to take it and make death come faster for her.

oops, you got 3 extra sentences there, but I had to so it worked. I think its kinda sexy she wants him to finish it. I guess she always wanted to die from a vampire bite ;)

I guess we will finish off Karlea next week, trust me you don't want to miss this!

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Go 49ers!!!


  1. Love how you've painted this scene, drawing it out. Painful and interesting all the same. Curious to know what he'll do.

    1. Thanks! And thanks for reading! There is still a little more. Or maybe a lot more. We'll find out next week ;)

  2. I liked the line about not wasting the blood. If she's going to die, at least he could use the fuel. Good six, Siren. :)

  3. Why IS he not drinking her blood? There has to be some point, right?