Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors - The Return of Armani - 04.28.13

Today Armani is back for more playtime :)
Ever since my trip to Los Angeles (which was awesome by the way), I have been swamped with work and have not even bothered with 8 sentences. Plus my head has been stuck in L.A. since my trip. I am completely in love with L.A. and I am moving to Hollywood/West Hollywood as soon as I can.
My inspiration forever! I met DxH!!!
So, where we last left off weeks ago (it should be the post below this one, I haven't updated my blog at all), Armani was doing what he does best; mess with Karlea in his own playful way. With Karlea high on his blood, Armani is trying to get her to fight him for the key that will lead to her freedom. In the last posted snippet, Armani discovered another one of her dark secrets...

"I can make that fantasy come true for you." He said and then bit her wrist, drinking more of her, as she gasped again. 
"I can make you feel something that you will never feel with anyone. I guarantee you will be left begging for more."
"Then I guess the only way out is to kick my ass and get the key." Armani paused, "Perhaps you need more of my blood."
Armani let go of her and sliced his wrist wide open.

Will she drink more of him???

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