Sunday, June 9, 2013

WeWriWa o6.o9.13

Its that time again! Time for Weekend Writing Warriors! I always look forward to this day.
How is everyone doing out there?

Last week, Karlea broke a few of Armani's bones and told him she was going to kill him. This week, he is ready to put up a fight, not to save his vampire life, but to get a reaction out of Karlea. 

"Lets." Karlea grinned. Armani grabbed onto her, just as she threw Armani into the wall, taking her with him, pieces of concrete falling to the ground after he smashed into it. He threw Karlea across the room; she hit the concrete floor hard. She immediately jumped to her feet, not caring if something had broken, she couldn't feel it if she did. Armani came at her, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground. Karlea clawed at his hand, the amount of oxygen reaching her lungs becoming less and less. She grabbed onto Armani's wrist with both hands as tight as she could, pulling herself up slightly and getting her balance, before using both feet to kick him in the chest as hard as she could. 

I thought this fight was going to come to a climax soon, but it is still going. Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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Now that you have had your weekly fill of K & A, enjoy your week!

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  1. They're really not messing around. I feel a bit winded after reading it, lol.

  2. I love this fight, it's like there is no way anyone of them is ever going to win.

    1. Eventually the effects of the blood will wear off ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Seems like a fight to the finish! Interesting story.
    That 2nd sentence is a bit convoluted. Hope you don't mind a suggestion. You wrote:
    "Armani grabbed onto her, just as she threw Armani into the wall, taking her with him"... How about "Armani grabbed onto her, just as she threw him into the wall, taking her along"? Just a thought. :-)

    1. Thanks!!!!
      And thank you for reading!

  4. I think they could battle till the cows come home and neither will yield. Good old Armani!

  5. Foreplay! He's getting off on this fight and she's clueless!