Sunday, July 7, 2013

WeWriWa o7.o7.13

Its Sunday! You know what happens now...

Last week we left off with Armani feeding Karlea more blood, so she can keep her strength up during their fight that Armani is thoroughly enjoying. 
As soon as she swallowed the first drop, she could feel her strength returning, slamming Armani back into the wall. Armani could feel her strength, and the ecstasy of her drinking from him. They continued slamming each other into the wall while Karlea drank.  Addicted to the strength, she only stopped drinking because the wound had closed up. With her strength greater than ever, she slammed Armani as hard as her strength allowed into the wall, a good chunk of concrete crumbling beneath him. She lifted her leg, and kneed him in the stomach. As he doubled over, he pushed Karlea off of him, sending her hard to the floor. She quickly jumped back to her feet, and as Armani came at her, she karate kicked him in the torso, as if she had been studying karate for a lifetime. 

Still not over yet. And I am still behind on reading :(

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Enjoy your week!

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  1. Do these two ever let up??? Sheesh!

    The snippet was all very visual-I felt myself do a little kick-but I was confused by one line: They continued slamming each other into the wall while Karlea drank. I couldn't quite picture that. Were they flip-flopping? Rolling against the wall?

    1. Maybe it will end soon, never know with these two or what the outcome will be.

      They were flip-flopping. Will make note to revise. Thanks!!! :)

  2. Wow, this is one epic battle. If it's foreplay they're certainly doing it well LOL. Great snippet!

  3. This fight is really turning all crazy!

    1. Haha, you think its crazy now? Just wait! Thanks for reading!

    2. I mean she karate kicked him, that's a killer move.