Sunday, November 17, 2013

WeWriWa 11.17.13

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday!

Where we last left off Karlea started to accept her fate with Armani...

Karlea kept up with the flow pretty well, but his wound was slowly closing. When it was almost closed, Armani pulled his wrist away. Karlea caught as much air as she could.
"Good, Karlea." He said as she watched him rip his wrist back open.
"I don't know how much more I can drink." Karlea said quietly.
"You're doing good, most humans can't stomach that much."

Let the bonding begin ;) She is giving up everything for this, but she really doesn't have a choice.
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In other news: 3 weeks until I see AFI again! I am so excited! But liking the anticipation of the show because once its over, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. The world doesn't exist after this show, unless I can somehow follow them to South America or Australia.If i had the $, I would.DxH's birthday is this week, too, the day after my son's. 

I went to the Negative Approach/The Casualties show at the Metro last night. It was crazy! I like NA more than the Casualties, but the Casualties energy onstage was like nothing I have ever seen, which transcended onto the crowd. The bands hung out in the crowd too, which is always cool. When I first walked in, John Brannon stood next to me and give me a nice smile, and I have to say, wow, can he still scream out his vocals on stage, I was impressed. I saw two old friends from Rochester that I wasn't expecting to see, I had beer accidentally spilled all over me because of the mosh pit, toes stomped on, elbowed in my ribs and back, punched in the stomach from some dude in the pit, and pushed into the pit. It was a great night! I would not expect anything less from a punk show! And I have to admit that I love it all, it gets me pumped and empowered, and its fun to let out some aggression. And as always, it seemed as I was the only one not drinking and wearing my straightedge x's.

Until next week, you can read more great authors here and here.

Hearts & Stars,

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  1. I still think she suddenly seems to be too... compliant. It makes me wonder if she really is...

  2. She seems to be taking it in stride. Too well? I'm not sure. Great snippet.

  3. eh! So what happens to the one who can't take it?

    1. haha, I could probably explain, but i think it would make a nice short story ;)
      Thanks for reading!