Sunday, February 23, 2014

WeWriWa o2.23.14

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday!

Where we left off last time, Armani was in the middle of feeding...

Armani looked over at the other two girls, who were feverishly making out with each other as their hands groped and slithered their way between clothing. As soon as he appeared before them, they stopped their festivities, smiled at each other, and wrapped their arms around Armani. They began kissing his neck and their hands now slithered between his clothing. They kept kissing his neck, taking timeouts to make out with each other. As the girls made out with each other in their current timeout, Armani felt one of them un-zipper his pants, a hand slithering its way until it found what it was looking for.
"Its so big," Armani heard one of them whisper.
"I want to feel," the other girl whispered before the girls made out again. Armani felt a second hand slithering until it met the first girl's hand.

This is how Armani feeds, he likes to play with his food first :) 
The heat level is about to be turned up next week, think you can handle it? Its prep for you because if and when he finally hooks up with Karlea, their heat level will be through the roof. It will make this scene look like nothing ;)

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments!

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  1. I think the heat level's quite high already! Promises of what's to come. ;-)

    1. This isn't for the weak, if readers can't make it through this scene w/o squirming then they will never handle Karlea and Armani ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. He likes to play with his food? Looks more like his food is playing with him!

    1. Lol, you are soooo right :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hot, hot, hot! This is a great scene with plenty of action. I did notice that you used "slither" four times, which is quite a lot for a short excerpt.

    1. Thanks! Its still a WIP. But I will make a note.
      Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found it hot.