Sunday, January 25, 2015

WeWriWa o1.25.15

Welcome to a very late posting of Snippet Sunday! I got booted from Weekend Writing Warriors and wasn't going to post but then decided I couldn't leave that cliffhanger from last week for my loyal readers.
Okay, so who has Karlea?
Armani sensed something right before he heard Karlea scream; he instantly turned off the music and faced the horror of Mikal with his arm around Karlea's throat,

ready to break her neck.
"Let her go, she is of no use to you." Armani said, calmly but with fury in his voice.
"Armani, you owe me!" Mikal yelled,his voice shaky, " I saw you dancing with this fine thing and figured she would make a good payment. And I'm hungry."
Mikal bared his fangs for Karlea, bringing them close to her cheek, Karlea trying to pull away from the grossness of his mouth. "Or I could just break her neck, you seem to have stirrings for her. You can watch her die, then I will kill you."
The threat on Armani's life infuriated her, the blood they shared felt like it was boiling within her.

Okay, I got away with ten lines because its not WeWriWa. But I have to stop there. Just a little something to satiate your thirst until next week. >:)

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  1. It's two against one, I don't know who that Mikal is but I wouldn't like to be in his shoes just now.

    1. He has no idea who he is messing with. Besides I don't think he quite gets how Armani feels about her.
      Thanks for reading!