Sunday, March 15, 2015

WeWriWa o3.15.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday!

I am still desperately trying to adjust to the time change. I absolutely hate this. I'll adjust just in time to turn it back. However, I am having an awesome and inspiring weekend!

Okay, so we are going to pick up right where we left off last week; Karlea trying to resist being turned on by Armani...
Karlea stared at Armani, attempting to make her heavy breathing, normal, which was harder than it sounded; Armani really turned her on. She didn't want to feel this way about him, after all he had done to her, but she really just wanted to rip his clothes off. Just as she was about to say fuck it and start tearing away at his clothes, Armani broke the stare.
"You made me digress from the real issue at hand." Armani said, "I wanted your clothes off because you are burning up and need to cool down or your brain will melt."
"Come," he said, holding out his hand, "you need a cold shower. I assume you have had experience with this before."
"Yes, a few times." Karlea replied, taking his hand.

Hahaha did Armani break the stare on purpose to make her wait?

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Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous!

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  1. You just never know for sure with Armani...Way to keep Karlea and us guessing! Great snippet!

  2. I'm not sure if she is relieved or disappointed... I kind of suspect the latter.

  3. This last time change has been a doozy. This is a very fluid snippet. Well done!

  4. I bet he did do it on purpose, the tease. Great scene. :)

  5. Long stare then looks away and suggests a cold shower. What is Armani up to?

  6. I think he's toying with her! Hope she takes him down a notch or two.

  7. I want to thank everyone for all the great comments :)
    And yes, what is Armani up to? I am sure we will find out soon.
    Thank you all for reading!!

  8. He is such a tease! I wonder if he could cool her down without the shower.