Friday, April 17, 2015

Vampire Friday o4.17.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, definitely my favorite day of the week!

We are going to continue right where we left off last week...

Jake swiftly strolled through Virtu Nightclub, looking for Vaughn. The club seemed unusually packed for a Thursday night, although Jake had only been there once before a long time ago. He sniffed the air as he weaved in and out of crowds of club goers, trance/electronica blaring from the dance floor in the other room. Just as he had thought: a good portion of the crowd were vampires. He remembered that the vampire VIP club, Flesh, had a small fire the night before and was shut down for repairs. The owner of Virtu, Matt, had opened his club to them until the repairs were done.
By listening to his blood, he quickly found Vaughn sitting at a booth, a pretty human woman on each side of him. Jake noticed that the women dressed more like escorts than club goers, but he wasn't going to bother to ask Vaughn were he found these two. Vaughn enjoyed what he was, but he was also very careful about finding 'donors" that would have good tasting blood. No hookers or drug addicts, whose blood was riddled with disease, which made it taste like what lemon juice would taste to humans if they drank it straight.
Vaughn's face lit up when he saw Jake in front of him. Vaughn was well dressed in his rock star getup tonight: black leather pants, black leather biker boots,  black band t-shirt of The NY Undead( a band that his record company manages), a leather spiked biker cuff on each wrist, a metal chain and dragon's claw pendant around his neck, and his dark sunglasses holding his light brown chin length wavy hair out of his face. This was his casual dress and not his record company owner business which then consisted of black or dark red velvet Victorian suits. Vaughn definitely dressed the part of a vampire, Jake only sometimes if he wanted to look really nice. 
"I knew the pictures and video would tempt you out here." Vaugh said' "You have to live a little bit now that you're back in Manhattan with me."
"Yeah, well, it won't be all the time like it used to be." Jake replied.
"Ladies, this is Jake and we have a rich history together." Vaughn smiled remembering the old times."Jake, this Cindy and Jenna."
Each girl waved and smiled as Vaughn said their name. Jake smiled at both of them, not really wanting to acknowledge them more than that; they weren't why he was here.
"So, which one of you would like to be Jake's for the night?" Vaughn asked them.

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    1. Hehe I like how you're like poor girls and then like yum yum!
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  3. I think Jake has other plans so... The girls are going to be disappointed.

    1. Yeah he's distracted ;)
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