Friday, May 8, 2015

Vampire Friday o5.o8.15

Better late than never! Welcome to Vampire Friday! My schedule has been crazy, but I really wanted to post, so here it is. We start right where we left off last time.
Both of them watch as she stretched for a bottle of Jack on the high shelf. Her pale flat stomach crept its way out of her tank top. Her black cargo pants hung very low on her hips. Her navel was pierced with a red jeweled  heart  barbell; the curvy tails of black tribal  designs stuck out on each side of the front of her pants, leading down to where Jake and Vaughn wished they could see the rest. Her lower back, had another tribal design across it, this time in turquoise.
They watched as she finished making the club goers drink. The club goer made her smile and then laugh. Her smile was contagious. She turned towards Jake and Vaughn for a second, still smiling, and they noticed her rather pointy canine teeth and her tongue was pierced as well. The teeth were small, but looked like vampire teeth. Jake and Vaughn looked at each other. She walked by them and smiled, putting the cash in the cash drawer.
Jake and Vaughn both breathed in her scent as she passed by. She smelled good and sweet, her scent was peach smelling and her blood scent smelled sweet also, but it was human, not vampire. The scent of her blood and the peach smell was enough to drive them both into a bloodlust. They could easily leap over the bar, grab her, and drain her of her blood, and no one would be able to stop them. It would be over in a matter of seconds and leave extreme carnage of her body. The murderous creature they were wanted to be let out, but because of their years of experience they were able to ignore the bloodlust. Well, Jake not so much, he was fighting the urge to just let go. They wondered how she survived so long smelling like that and with so many vampires around. Fledgling vampires would not have the control that they did. Maybe it was just to them that she smelled so good.
She walked over to them. “Hey guys, sorry about the wait. What can get you?” “Your blood in a chalice.” Vaughn said in his thoughts. Jake heard him and slightly elbowed him. Vaughn just smiled.
Jake smiled at her and said “A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon .”
“Okay.” She turned to Vaughn, “And for you?”
“A glass of Tempranillo, if you have it.” He replied.
“We had a bottle, I’ll have to see if we still have it. That’s a really good wine.”
She looked around the bar for the wines.
“Luckily, we still have it.” She said she went back over to them.
She grabbed two glasses and a cork screw, starting with the Cabernet Sauvignon first.
“Are you guys from Flesh? I’ve never seen you here before.” She asked.
They both shook their heads. She looked at Vaughn.
“Your Vaughn Lancaster, right? From ReVamped Records.”
“Yeah.” He replied, happy that she knew who he was.
“I was supposed to be a one of your assistant interns a few semesters ago, but then I had to take some classes instead.”
“Those interns were tasty.” Vaughn thought, Jake listening. Vaughn charmingly said, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I would much rather meet you here than at the record company. What’s your name?”
Vaughn took her hand and kissed it seductively. He heard her stop breathing as he did. He imagined biting her hand as he kissed it, just to have a taste. “Well, its a pleasure to meet you, Karlea. This is Jake, he’s a concert writer for AP magazine.”
Vaughn handed Jake her hand.As soon as Jake and Karlea touched there was a spark between them, one that made Karlea jump a little.
“Hi.” He said before he kissed her hand.
“Hi.” She smiled.
She went back to opening and pouring the wines.
“Those are some pretty interesting teeth.” Jake said, trying to find out if they were fake, which he guessed they were.
Karlea smiled handing them each their glass of wine. “Thanks. They’re real, no cosmetic dentistry needed. Had them since i was a child. I could have filed them down, but I loved them."
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  1. Such sensual description, decadent.:)

  2. Wow Karlea! I didn't recognise her, amazing! I love that sparkle but now I feel bad for Armani even though this happened before and he is sort of evil. Wow, the feels!

    1. Awwww...thanks Linda! <3
      The early days of Karlea, before she really knew vampires existed. ;)