Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mid Week Tease o7.29.15

Welcome to the Mid Week tease!

This is only my second time participating since I have been so busy. My first excerpt I shared was the very beginning of a pirate story I started writing.  This excerpt continues on. Captain Flynn deals with the mutinany on the ship.

Captain Caera Flynn stepped out onto the deck of the captain's cabin with Jack right behind her, to the chaos of six men trying to take over her ship, The Crimson Lust. She stood there watching, swinging her sword around in a circle, waiting for them to make their way to the deck. Most of the loyal crew looked up at the Captain for instructions if they should let the men through or shut this whole thing down. Caera nodded her head a definite no to Connor. Connor reiterated to the rest of the crew to stand down. The crew stood down, raising their hands in the air, surrendering. The men, led by Buckley, made their way over to the stairs and rushed up them in a group, almost not fitting the width of the stairway, single file would have been much more appropriate. It almost made the Captain's serious look, crack into laughter. Jack took a step forward, in line with Caera, just in case this did get out of hand; he didn't want her to take the frontline all by her lonesome.
As the men all ascended to the top of the stairs, they pointed their swords into Caera and Jack's faces. Caera didn't budge, she just stood there, still swinging her sword. Jack on the other hand, raised his eyebrows in how close the tips of the swords were to his face, and took a slight step back.
Caera stopped swinging her sword around. She flipped her sword around and held it by the tip, holding the handle out to Buckley, a man of considerably older age than most on the ship. His face dark and wrinkled from all his years in the ocean sun. His white beard and hair braided. He was old enough to be Caera's grandfather, or perhaps her great grandfather.
"Mr. Buckley," She boomed, "the ship is yours."
The crew seemed to gasp and question her decision quietly in unison. Jack stared at her. He took a slight step to be right next her, knocking her elbow and whispering in her ear, "What are you doing?"
Caera just turned and gave Jack the devish smile of hers. She turned back to face the men.
"Do not question my authority, Mr. Raven." She said, loudly.

Thanks for reading! I have the beginning, but I am still trying to map out the rest and in what order somethings should happen in. Of course it is a pirate story, so there are always many detours during a quest.

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P.S. I apologize that my formatting is all messed up. Not really sure what blogger was doing, nor how to fix it. I tried changing the background color, but it didn't work. I didn't feel like going into the code and fixing every line.


  1. Great snippet, well done!

    (and for the formatting, try pasting the text into Notepad first, then back into Blogger. It should strip out the formatting which is giving the white background)

    1. Lucy, thank you, I will try that! I have been writing this story in Google Keep. This was my first time trying to copy/paste from Keep.

    2. Actually I will try TextEdit because I am a Mac user ;)

  2. Excellent premise for a story. Everyone loves a pirate. Well done.