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Vampire Friday o7.24.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday! My favorite day of the week!

Today, we continue on with my WIP erotic vampire story, called BloodLust. Where we last left off, Vaughn had to have a little taste of Karlea. What will happen when Jake figures it out?

Vaughn watched her from above in the rafters as she returned to her post behind the bar. Her two female co-workers wondering where she was. Vaughn listened in as she lied and made up the excuse that she was in the bathroom. He watched as she made drinks, she still seemed confused from his mind control, which was unusual, most humans moved on rather quickly, not thinking anything of the minutes of memories they had lost. Vaughn began to understand how different she was. The only reason she was still showing signs of confusion was because she was still trying to sort out the moments she had lost, something didn't feel right and she sensed it. 
Vaughn reflected on his moment with her. When he slammed her into the wall, she never struggled; he had felt the sense that she liked it. When he went to bite her, she didn't struggle either, and when he did bite her, she didn't scream or try to push him off of her. She was excited by it, she was attracted to both him and Jake. Vaughn smiled, this could be fun.
Vaughn watched as two club goers insisted that she do a shot with them. She finally broke down and agreed, pouring three shots of whiskey. He watched as she slammed the shot down. She sensed something and Vaughn discretely leapt down from the rafters. Vaughn watched from the floor as she looked up towards the ceiling of the club and looked around. She shook her head and went back to making drinks. Vaughn took off to walk around the club.
Karlea continued making drinks, still slightly dazed. She handed the drinks to their respected owners and took their money, putting it in the cash drawer, when she looked up, Jake was standing in front of her. She did her best to smile.
"Hey." She said.
"Hey." Jake smiled.
"Need a drink? We're going to be shutting down soon."

"A glass of wine would be great." He replied.
"The same as before?"
Jake nodded and as she went to get it, he noticed that she wasn't right. In the little time he had known her, he already knew she was off.
"Are you okay?" He asked as she poured the wine.
She looked up at him, dazed. "What?" "Oh, yeah, I'm just tired and I think I drank too much."

She wasn't right.
"I hope I didn't throw you off downstairs and what I did wasn't too inappropriate."
Karlea set the wine glass down in front of him, she leaned as close as she could to him and smiled, her daze broken. The sound of her living heart was loud in his ears. Jake could smell Vaughn's blood on her neck, whatever Vaughn did, he had used mind control on her and she was still confused by it -which brought about other problems that he would deal with later - for now he had to deal with Vaughn. Knowing Vaughn, he was lucky Vaughn didn't turn her.
"What you did was completely inappropriate." She smiled. "And as I said, if you had been anyone else, I would have decked you and beaten you to a bloody pulp. But it was great and I enjoyed it."
Jake smiled, "Good."
"Please excuse me." Jake continued, "I'll be back in few minutes after the crowd has died down."

"Okay." She smiled back.
Jake grabbed his wine and stormed off to find Vaughn. He downed the glass of wine, he was going to need it to control his anger, and set the empty glass down on a table. He listened to his blood to find Vaughn on the dance floor. He cleared himself of his anger to get Vaughn to follow him. Jake walked up to Vaughn and tapped him on the shoulder. Vaughn stopped dancing.
"Can I speak with you for a minute?" Jake asked.
"Always." Vaughn replied smirking, already knowing what this was about. Vaughn followed Jake as he leapt up into the ceiling rafters. Jake walked across the rafters as Vaughn followed right behind. Jake looked down at Karlea as she was serving more drinks, he allowed his anger to return. He turned around, grabbing onto Vaughn and shoved him into the ceiling.
"Why did you drink from her?" Jake yelled, his eyes red and his fangs showing.
Vaughn laughed. "I just had to have a taste."

Jake slammed him into the ceiling again. Vaughn laughed harder.
"Come on, Jake, you know I'm not going to make this easy for you. When have I ever made it easy for you?" Vaughn said through his laughing.
Vaughn had a point, he had never made their years or centuries together easy. Vaughn always had to push Jake to his limits and beyond.

"There's a problem though," Vaughn continued as Jake still slammed him into the ceiling, over and over, "She senses us. Even before I bit her. Mind control worked but she's over thinking it, knowing she's missing minutes of time."
Jake stopped for a second to say, "I noticed. She's all confused and out of sorts."
"She also sensed me up in the rafters watching her. She didn't see me, but she knew." Vaughn said.
Jake slammed him into the ceiling again.
"There's another problem," Vaughn laughed, " Well, I guess it depends on how you see it, but she liked being slammed into a wall and being bitten. She wasn't scared, she didn't scream, and she didn't fight back."

Jake let go of Vaughn and looked down at Karlea.

This would be a good place to stop. What will happen next?
Thanks for reading!

Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

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