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We continue on with this hot and sexy scene between Armani & Karlea. I was just thinking that I used to warn readers that the heat level was turned up on certain posts, now I just don't. I think most readers and friends know what to expect by now from me. Just label me consistently NSFW. 

Armani accepted her invitation, slipping himself inside; they both moaned loudly through their kiss, each thinking the other felt so good. As Armani thrusted, establishing the rhythm, their noises became louder and louder. Armani didn't doubt that his whole building could probably hear them going at it, which made me him smile. 
His room wasn't sound proof, like other rooms in his penthouse that were used for specific things. He never brought women into his room because he always intended on killing them afterward. As Karlea commented earlier, he did have a fuck and kill room, among other things.
Normally with the women and vampires he fucked, there was no cause for moaning; he felt euphoria when he fucked but it never felt this incredible where he couldn't control the noises escaping him. Over all the years and centuries he had been alive and undead with all the women/vampires he fucked, all the blood he drank - no one ever felt as good, nor tasted as good as Karlea, and no one ever made him feel the way he felt with her. 
He often heard humans and vampires talk about finding "the one", the one they would spend their life or eternity with; Armani never felt it when he was human or vampire, but he finally understood it now. She was it, the only one he could be happy with for the rest of his existence; if he couldn't have her love, he would willingly spend eternity alone, instead of searching for another - another that he knew didn't exist.

When you know, you just know, right? And I went with the 10 sentence limit this time, so no accusing me of teasing :p
I'm joking by the way, I'm still teasing my readers.

Thanks for reading, and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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  1. Awe! Armani is such a romantic! *ducks before her comes after me*

    1. Haha sometimes :)
      Duck and cover!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow, Armani is going all, my romantic destiny.
    Be careful of the first person POV that slipped in "which made me him smile." I think the "me" should be removed.

    1. He is! Damn! My romantic destiny too ;)

      And ooops, typo, thanks for catching!

  3. Wow, truly a bite of reality now that he has found "the one". Great snippet.