Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday Funday with Some of Armani's P.O.V

You're welcome :) I'm really enjoying writing in his voice. 

I quickly grabbed a fresh cut rose from the vase on a table closest to me.  I used  my speed to appear in front of her, kneeling.
"You're exquisite beauty has captured the attention of this entire club."
The sound of my voice startled her, her heartbeat increasing. I grinned at her humanness - how I moved too fast for her to see. I gestured for her to take the rose. 
"Thank you." she said quietly, taking the rose. 
Her voice hitting me like infinite Sirens.
She quickly looked away, trying to avoid looking me in the eyes. Smart girl. She had obviously been around enough vampires to know to never look them in the eye.
I grabbed a hold of her hand and gently rubbed the back her hand with my thumb, purposefully erasing her stamp. It wasn't that hard. 
"I am Armani." I said, kissing her hand.
"I will make your night," I grinned, "it will be a real screamfest. I'll make you feel the best you have ever felt."
I wasn't lying. I not only feed off of human blood, but also sexual energy - considered both a sanguine and psychic/sexual vampire. I was sure I could have her screaming in pleasure, then definitely screaming in pain and fear as I drained her. 
She looked just past me as I spoke, trying really hard not to look at me. 
"Please, i don't want any trouble." She said. I heard the sadness in her voice; the sadness that matched her eyes. I grabbed onto her chin with my free hand, and gently forced her to look at me. I felt my eyes change over to red as I showed her my fangs. I took her hand and brought the flesh between her thumb and index finger to my mouth. She didn't cry out in pain like I expected, fearful of what I  might do next. Instead her heart started racing in anticipation of the bite. She moaned as my fangs went into her and I sensed the slight excitement and sexual energy rise from her. Her blood was the sweetest I had tasted in all my long years. It hit the back of my throat, making it extremely hard to stop drinking. i quickly read her blood of the few important things I wanted to know; pulling away while I still had the will to.

She was at the club to find her vampire lover, Jake, who had just left her. She was told he was here, so having been at the club frequently with him, she felt confident enough that she would walk back out unscathed. She knew the risks and was more than willing to take them.

"You blood is the sweetest I've ever tasted, Miss Karlea." 
"No." She cried, trying to pull away. 
I realized, then, that I had seen her before. She was the exuberant bartender that everyone loved at Virtu, and that could dance up a storm when she wasn't caged behind the bar. I had seen her the very few times I had been there. Each time her beauty struck me, but she was always surrounded by people and I was much too busy with other endeavors of the night to wait patiently for her to be alone. How funny fate would bring us together now.

I looked up as I overheard the group of frat boys ready to make their move with me standing there, as they planned to take me out to get to her. There was no doubt I could take them all, my years and bloodline was way stronger than all of them put together. Usually I am more than happy for a fight, however, I was afraid of the scene this would cause, creating a distraction for Karlea to get away or for Joe to possibly protect her.

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