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Vampire Friday o8.21.15

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So, we will continue where we left off a few weeks ago. Jake and Vaughn have just saved Karlea from her ex and his girlfriend...

Jake rushed back over to Karlea, helping her down from the bar.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah." She replied, "I could have taken him. I'm used to dealing with him."

Jake shook his head, "I don't doubt that you could. But I wasn't going stand by while he smacked you around."
"Well, thank you."
Jake gently rubbed her cheek, sending a spark through her. One drop of his blood could easily heal the redness. It was tempting to share himself with her, to heal her. "You should ice that." He said trying to push the temptation away.
He stared at her, moving closer to her. He should have pulled his hand away but he just didn't want to. Karlea grabbed onto his hand, stopping him from rubbing her cheek, and held onto it, moving in even closer, looking him in the eyes. Jake thought she was going to kiss him. A kiss he so badly wanted. He wanted to scoop her up and kiss her back so passionately.

"When you held me back, it felt like ten of you holding me. I couldn't move." She said, quietly, so no one else would hear her. "Why is that? No one is that strong. Unless you're not human. I hear rumors about Flesh, why its a private members only club and why they wouldn't hire me on as a bartender or dancer."
Jake stared at her. He was about to say that he would explain later to buy himself some time to make up a good believable reason, when Vaughn came up to them.
"Hey, kiddo, you alright?" He asked. Karlea pulled away from Jake.
"Yeah. Thanks to both of you." Karlea smiled, although Jake could tell she was trying to figure out if Vaughn was not human, too.

"Do you want to tell us what's going on? Considering we just got involved?" Vaughn asked, using his charming smile.
Karlea leaned back on the bar and sighed. "He's my last ex from a while ago, we lived together for a bit, then things started to go bad. He went away to Vegas, met Luna, when he came back he was way different. On drugs and always strung out, which made him more mean."

"Did he always hit you?" Jake asked bluntly, anger in his voice. Vaughn a bit surprised by how protective Jake was being of her. Karlea even noticing how protective Jake's voice sounded.
"Not until he came back from Vegas. That didn't last long, I don't put up with that shit. I kicked him out. I gave him back everything that was his or I burned it. He was in here tonight saying I still had a flash drive he was looking for. One he hid in my apartment one night when he broke in a few months ago. I haven't come across it."

Jake looked at Vaughn just as Karlea's boss, Matt, called her to behind the bar. She quickly excused herself.
"She's in trouble." Jake said.
"As are you." Vaughn replied, "I came over when i did because I heard her suspicions."
"I fucked up. I let my anger and my true strength show." Jake admitted. "When he hit her, it enraged me. The things I wanted to do to him with everyone watching. I wanted the world to know that no one could touch her. After, I wanted to kiss her so hard that everyone knew she was mine."

Vaughn shook his head and laughed, "You so have it bad for her. You're in love with her and you have claimed her as yours."

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  1. Wow, that's sort of sweet and dangerous. I wonder what's on the drive, it's good to have some mystery going on on top of the love story.

    1. Very dangerous, considering he just started drinking live human blood again.
      Thanks for reading!