Sunday, August 9, 2015

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday!

Amani & Karlea are still going at it :)
When he pulled away, her crazy eyes were looking at him as she smirked.
Her already racing heartbeat, the look in her eyes, and the trouble making look on her face, told Armani that she was up to something. 
Karlea used all of her strength to attempt to flip Armani over; Armani let go of some of his weight to let her succeed as he laughed. Karlea gracefully flipped him over without losing him. She was on top and in control of the rhythm. This turned Armani on even more; how strong and in control she could be. He placed his hands on her beautiful tattooed hips, helping her to move on him. He sat up slightly to quickly lick her hip tattoos and then went back to helping her move. He could tell by the way she was moving and the noises that she was making, it wouldn't be long before she lost contact with her surroundings.
"Again?" Armani smiled.

Armani isn't so bad, even though he took her captive against her will. I think in the aftermath of her blood high, she may just still want him ;)

Thanks for reading! For those you, who want more of Armani (who doesn't? Is it okay to be in love w/ one of your own characters? I mean he just kinda  wrote himself into my life one day). Anyways, Armani entered my thoughts (I know, dangerous) and he started writing his own p.o.v., which can be found here.

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  1. I liked the "crazy eyes!"
    And I agree with Armani, "Who's counting?" heh, heh, heh

  2. "Again" :) :) I love it. :) Great snippet.

  3. Armani's such an evil tease! And I mean that as a compliment. He's really the one in control, yes?

    1. He will always be ultimately in control, even when it seems she might be. Kinda sexy in a way ;)
      Thanks for reading!
      I think November will be the when I'm able to check out a RWA meeting! Could have made it last weekend, but I totally forgot.

  4. Very interesting encounter. This is the first time (I think) I am reading one of your snippets.
    Definitely a mood-enhancing little scenario.
    Only thing I am having difficulty visualizing is how he can lick her hips while she is moving on him? I guess my encounters haven't been quite so... limber.
    Good snippet.

  5. hihi does he really need to ask? ;)