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Vampir Freitag 16.1o.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

This week we continue on with Jake and Karlea. First line is Jake's, continuing on about how if re-learns to live off of bagged blood from the blood bank...

"Which could make me lose control and feed on you."
Jake paused. "Then again, the fact that I drank human blood for the first time in three years could also make me lose control and feed on you."
"I guess we'll find out." Karlea said, looking down at her tea, taking a deep breath.
Jake couldn't ignore her heartbeat ringing in his ears anymore, nor her sweet smell. Before she could even look back up, Jake appeared behind her, grabbed onto her arm and spinning her around to face him. She gasped as her back hit the island counter, her tea mug spilling over. Her heartbeat accelerating.
"I guess we will." Jake said, staring at her heart, then looking up at her. "I really don't want to." His voice strained
"I know. Whatever happens, happens. As I said, its you or them, and I don't even know who they are. I'll take my chances with you."

The rotted smell of blood hit him and he could feel his eyes starting to change.
"Let me go burn those." He said to her, taking her ruined clothing from her hands. Karlea watched as he disappeared, the front door of his apartment opening and then closing. She took a deep breath, why the fuck was the possibility of death from Jake exciting her?

Down the street, Jake found an appropriate dumpster in an alley, one where the smoke and flames wouldn't bother, or even be noticed by, tenants living high above the street level. The dumpster had enough papers and trash that it would burn quickly. It had been a close call with Karlea, hopefully this would help even if just a little bit. He threw in the clothes. He lit a match and watched it burn on the stick between his fingers. Fire was an enemy of vampires, it was rare that one could heal themselves after being charred by fire, but he wasn't afraid of the flame. He dropped the match in and watched everything light up. As he stood watching everything burn, making sure her clothes would be nothing but ash, he quickly texted Vaughn to meet him at his place. He needed answers and Vaughn, whether willing or not, was going to help him get them.

Jake rushed back to his apartment, finding Karlea wiping up the tea with a cloth.
"You shouldn't be doing that. It was my fault." Jake said, sweetly, making her jump slightly. He put his hand on top of hers, attempting to take the cloth from her. "I apologize for --"
"Don't." Karlea said, facing him. "You can't help what you are. And you're not going to apologize every time you slip or almost slip"

Jake half smiled, "If I fully slip, there won't be anyone left to apologize to."
Karlea put her hand on his cheek and looked at him, not knowing what to say.
"Vaughn is on his way over." Jake said breaking the silence. Karlea removing her hand.
"He's a vampire too." Karlea said instead of questioning. She already knew the answer.
"He sired me." Jake admitted.
Karlea went to speak, but she was hit with flashes of Vaughn feeding off her at the club. Jake caught her in his arms. "Whoa, you okay?"
Karlea held onto him. "Yeah," She said quietly, "Vaughn drank from me at the club tonight. I didn't remember until now."

"He did."
"You knew?!"
Jake nodded, "Only when I came up to you at the bar after what happened in the basement. I could smell his scent on you and you seemed disoriented. That's why I left you so abruptly. We were fighting when Danny attacked you. Vaughn compelled you to forget, only you're not like most humans. lost time for you makes you question, where most would just let it go. Hence you were disoriented."
Vaughn burst through the door, "I was thinking if you don't want to turn her, you should at least bloodbond her, it would make her a bit stronger at least, to survive this."
Jake with Karlea still in his arms, both looked at him.
"Oh," Vaughn said, all cocky, "you didn't tell me she was here."
Vaughn smiled.
"Yes, Vaughn, she's here after she almost died with a knife in her side, walking home." Jake answered, "And she knows."
"How did you save her?"
"I gave her my blood to heal her." Jake said unhappy as Vaughn stared at her. "So, she knows what we are."

Karlea pulled away from Jake and stepped toward Vaughn.
"You drank from me and tried to make me forget." She said angrily.

Vaughn used his speed to lift Karlea off the ground and smash her into the wall, holding her by the throat. Jake immediately on Vaughn trying to pry his hand off of her.
"And you liked it." Vaughn retorted with a smile.
"Let me go!" Karlea choked out between his grip, still angry.
Vaughn let go of her throat but still held her to the wall.
"You understand that if you tell anyone of our existence --"
"What?" Karlea replied, "You make me suffer a horrible death?"

"Exposing us could be fatal."
"I don't want to expose you, your secret is safe with me. Besides even if I did want to tell anyone, it would end me up in the loony bin."
Vaughn let go of her as she shrugged him off of her.
"I like her, she has dark mind." Vaughn said, as she stared at him. "So, why am I here? This better be good, I was in the middle of draining some new interns."

Vaughn stared at Karlea as he put emphasis on 'draining new interns'.

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  1. I agree with why the fuck is she exciting about dying, any kind of dying !
    Then the willing or not made me laugh. I don't think Jake can control Vaughn, especially while not being able to fight him of strangling Karlea.