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Vampir Freitag o2.1o.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday! Or Vampir Freitag in German :)

This week continues on from last week

Karlea searched her floor for some clean clothes, wanting to get out of her blood soaked ones; they felt gross and she was sure it wasn't easy for Jake to be around them. 
"Change at my place. I'll burn your clothes so you don't leave a blood trail." Jake said.
"Are you sure? It can't be easy or you to be around."
"I'm managing." Jake replied a bit strained. He looked over at Sydney, who was fast asleep in a pile of Karlea's clothes. "Leave her here, she'll be fine. I'll come over and check on her while you sleep."
Karlea shoved her clothes into her messenger bag and followed Jake out, making sure her door was able to close tight so Sydney wouldn't get out. 

"Come here." Jake gently said, once they were outside on the street. He grabbed onto her hand and pulled her close. He wrapped his arm around her and lifted her up slightly. "Hold on to me."
Karlea did she was told, turning her body slightly into his so she could wrap her right arm across him and hold onto his shoulder. She rested her head on his chest closing her eyes and almost burying her face into him as he began to walk, his pace way faster than a human. As she became more used to the pace, she opened her eyes and lifted her head up to see the world passing by.
Within minutes they were in the middle of SoHo, standing outside of Jake's building. Jake looked at her and smiled, then lifted her up again, carrying her quickly inside, up to the fourth floor. He set her down and opened up his apartment door. 
"How was that?" He asked as he held the door open for her.
"I wish all NYC transportation moved that fast." Karlea joked as she walked in Jake shutting the door behind them.  
Jake used his speed to appear in front of her, making her jump. 
"Yeah?" He asked with an animalistic look in his eyes, getting really close to her.
"Yeah." She agreed, not bothering to move herself away from the possible danger.
"The speed didn't make you feel sick?"
"No." She answered, "Is it supposed to? It made me feel alive."
"Most humans would have been nauseous."
"I'm not like most."
"So I've noticed, which is probably why I'm so drawn to you." Jake looked down at her blood soaked clothing. He shook his head, realizing what he was doing, snapping the animalistic look out of his eyes and taking a step away from her. "You should change, its getting a bit hard to stay in control."
"Okay." Karlea said in an understanding tone. 
She pulled her clothes out of her bag, setting her bag down. Jake pointed her in the direction of a bathroom. 

She pulled off her jacket, Jake's shirt, and her tank top. She inspected the area where she was stabbed, but other than the blood on her clothes, there was no trace that she was stabbed. His blood healed her completely. She quickly changed into clean black yoga pants and a modified black band t-shirt. She was pissed that her clothes were ruined and had to be disposed of, but at least she was able to walk away. After the world had started to spin around her, she really wasn't sure what was next. 
At this moment, everything seemed so surreal, dangerous, and exciting. She had managed to capture the attention of a gorgeous vampire, be rescued by him, drank his blood to save herself from death, and now was in his territory; his home. Why wasn't she scared? Why did she trust him not to hurt her? 
Every logical reaction should have been to be scared. She was more afraid of whoever Danny pissed off and was now trying to kill her. She was also more afraid of the normal human world, the one she never felt apart of. 
When she exited the bathroom, she found Jake in the kitchen. He turned around when he sensed her, holding a mug of tea. She stood across the island counter from him as he set the mug down in front of her.
"I made you some tea. Chamomile, to help you sleep." Jake smiled.
"Thanks." Karlea smiled back. "How did you know I loved tea?"
"Luckly guess." Jake laughed, then admitted, "I noticed all the tea that was dumped out in your kitchen."
"Heightened senses."
"Right." She smiled. She paused then said, "I'm surprised you even have tea."
"I drink tea... quite often. It just doesn't do much for me... unlike other things." Jake said, looking at her, trying to resist seeing the blood flowing through her.
Karla took a sip of her tea. "You mean blood."
Jake nodded.
"How hard is it for you to stay in control?"
"Truthfully?...Extremely, when I'm around someone I want." Jake reached out and brushed his finger against her hand, creating another spark between them, "Karlea..I want you, and I want to kill you at the same time. Its the most intense feeling ever."
Karlea slowly moved her hand and grabbed onto his, sensing his despair.
"I've never had it where someone I want is equal with my urge to kill. Usually I want someone and my urge to kill just completely takes over. And before I know what I'm doing, they're dead. With you, I don't know which one is going to take over."

"I quit drinking live human blood three years ago, which isn't that long." Jake continued, letting go of her hand and walking over to his refrigerator. He pulled out a bag of human blood and set it down in front of her.
"I lived on this...bagged human blood from the blood bank." Jake paused as she touched the cold bag. "...that is until tonight."

"What do you mean until tonight?" She asked, curious if tonight may be her last.
"I slipped at the club, and drank live human blood." Jake replied.
"Your date."

"She wasn't exactly my date, but yes."
"Is she dea--"
"Unconscious. Fortunately for her, I was able to stop before her heart did. She really didn't taste that good anyways."
"Oh." Karlea said.

"I know that's probably strange to hear, but besides blood type, humans have their own individual taste. Her blood was bitter with alcohol and drugs."
"I understand, it does make sense. But yeah, its a bit strange to hear how a human tastes without it being linked to oral sex." Karlea took a sip of her tea as Jake raised his eyebrows.
"I'll get used to it, though." Karlea added.
Jake smiled at her, amazed at how open her mind was.
"The problem is if I want to go back to drinking bagged blood, I have to start the training process all over again, which takes a few years of absolute isolation. That's not going to help right now."
"So you have to keep drinking live human blood."
"Yes. It might just be better for you safety anyways. Bagged blood doesn't really sustain you the way it needs to."

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  1. I think she is crazy. He told her he wants to kill her and she takes his hand. Or maybe being near death earlier took a turn on her mind.

    1. Jake probably could have kept his secret from her if she wasn't thrown into death's path by her ex. As she commented in last week's excerpt, her choices are be killed by whoever her ex sent after her or killed by Jake, that she would rather take her chances with Jake. Either way her days are numbered, being scared of and running from Jake isn't going to save her life.
      Thanks for reading!