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Vampire Friday o6.11.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

Its been a few weeks since I've posted, but we are going to pick up right where we left off. I believe Vaughn's last line was "I was draining new interns" while looking at Karlea. Remember at the bar when Karlea met Vaughn, she had said she was supposed to intern at Vaughn's record company. ;)

Karlea turned away from Vaughn and walked back over to the island counter, Jake following her.
"Are you okay?" Jake asked, softly.
"Yeah, I can handle him." Karlea smiled.
Jake laughed, "That's good, I can't."

"Oh, really?" Vaughn asked, appearing right next to her. Karlea and Vaughn staring at each other for a second before Vaughn broke away. Vaughn's menacing glare and Karlea standing tough.
"You still have yet to answer why I'm here." Vaughn said to Jake.
"Karlea, do you where your ex is staying?" Jake asked.
"I'm not really sure, he's a vagabond now. The last I heard was some tunnel in Battery Park, but that was weeks ago."
Jake looked at Vaughn, "We're going to Battery Park. And we're getting some answers."

"We are?" Vaughn questioned, "Now?"
Jake stared at Vaughn. I need back up, Jake said in his mind allowing Vaughn to hear. This girl is going to get us both killed, Vaughn said.
"Let's go and get this over with." Vaughn said, not happy.
Karlea looked at Jake concerned, "Be careful."
"I will. Please try to sleep, you look so tired. You can sleep in my bed." Jake replied, pushing some hair that had fallen into her face. Jake kissed her forehead.

Vaughn rolled his eyes. "What about me? Anyone care if I risk my life for this?"
"No." Karlea plainly replied. Jake smirked as he walked over to Vaughn.
"She likes me." Vaughn said.

Karlea laughed out loud and shook her head, no. Vaughn stared at her.
"I'm going to eat your girlfriend." Vaughn said as he flashed his fangs at Karlea.
"No, you're not." Jake said, quickly adding as he saw Karlea looking at him, "And she's not my girlfriend. Not yet anyways."
"Then what is she?" Vaughn asked as he went to exit the apartment. 
"I-I don't, I don't know." Jake said, feeling Karlea's eyes on him, smiling.
"Were you guys doing it before I got here?"
"No, Vaughn." 

"I hope you made her bleed and scream..." Vaughn continued on, ignoring Jake.
"Vaughn!" Jake yelled as he walked out.

Karlea laughed as she heard them down the hall. She looked around Jake's apartment, she felt a bit out of place suddenly being there alone. He obviously trusted her to leave her alone in his place already.  Although, he was a vampire, so he would probably know instantly if she had touched or taken something. And he knew where to find her.
She walked through the living room, looking at the paintings and sculptures he owned. Many she recognized from her relentless art history courses she had taken. Time periods ranged from the Renaissance to the 18th century. She wondered how old he really was and if these were possible originals he had carried with him throughout his years. 

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  1. I like her interaction with Vaughn and nice artistic conclusion for this part.