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MidWeek Tease o5.31.17

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Let's continue on with my WIP. It's about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

Where we last left off, Anton was having issues controlling himself as he had a glass of wine with Charlotte at the museum - a bit of his dominance made an appearance at the end of last week's excerpt. :)

We finished our wine as the last of the museum was being tidied up from the reception.
“We should probably get going.” I didn’t want to leave her, but I didn’t want to hold up everyone at the museum either.
“Yeah, I have to be back here in the morning.” She said, “There seems to be a great art exhibit that opened that people are going to want to see. Should be a good turn out.”
“May I walk you to your car?”
After finding Sarah to thank her, we made our way back upstairs. As Charlotte grabbed her things while I made the rounds of thanking everyone at the museum and setting up a meeting with David, the manager of the museum’s restaurant, to talk about wine and inventory. I walked up to the admissions desk - Charlotte once again almost my height back in her shoes, and her black peacoat.
“Can I carry anything for you?” I asked, startling her yet again. I liked that I had such an element of surprise for her.
“That’s the third time tonight.” She laughed as she shook her head.
“I do apologize.”
“Don’t. It’s not you, it’s me not paying attention.” She plainly said, making me feel bad that she was taking the blame, when it most definitely was me. I longed slightly to confess my secret to those deep green eyes, once again lost in them.
“I’m back in nine hours, so I’m just going to leave everything here.” She replied to my question, “but thanks for offering.”
She quickly said goodnight to everyone that was left as I waited near the exit. Dana saying something to her, that made her laugh and roll her eyes. I once again, offered her my arm as we went to walk out, smiling at me as she put her hand on my arm.

We walked silently towards the parking lot, taking in the crisp night air. There wasn’t much to say. Again the nervous feeling came back, not knowing when I would see her again. Because of my vampirism, there was no way to come and see her at the museum. I would easily take her home with me and spend an eternity in her company.

I already knew she was the companion I wanted to spend forever with, my kind knowing when they meet that special one. But she was human and humans didn’t usually know by one night of meeting. I wanted to take it easy so I didn’t scare her off.
“I’ll email you that file when I get home.” I finally said.
“Okay, thanks.” She said. “I’m right back there.”
She pointed to a red Prius that was parked a few spaces down from mine.
“Where are you?” She inquired.
“About four spaces from you.”
“Of course, the black Lexus. Nice.”
I nodded. “Are you okay to drive?”
“Yeah, I seriously live up the street. On a dead end behind the science museum.”
“From one museum view to another.” I commented.
“Yeah.” She smiled, “What about you? Are you driving back to the Finger Lakes tonight?”
“I live on the southern tip of Hemlock Lake, but I rent a penthouse downtown in the new tower building that was just built, so I can stay in the city when I have business here.”
She looked a bit disappointed, like she was planning to offer me a place to stay. Not that I would have been able to take her up on it, her place wouldn’t be suitable once the sun rose, and I had to take care of feeding soon.
We stopped at her car, her lights blinking as she pressed the button on her keys. I looked into her eyes once more, trying to take in as much as I could of them, so they would hopefully calm me not just now, but later on when I missed her and when I felt hungry.
“Thanks for everything tonight.” She said.
“No, thank you.” I smiled, “I would really like to see you again, outside of the museum. Would that be okay?”
“Yes. I would like that.”
I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a slight hug, her head resting on my shoulder for a few seconds. This was a bad thing to do. I had kept all my defenses up throughout the night, but at that exact moment because I had been so lost into her eyes, I left my defenses down. Her unique human female scent mixed with whatever perfumes she used hit me, along with her blood scent. Her heartbeat, which was just slightly faster than it should be, rang loudly in my years. Physical lust and bloodlust taking over. I wanted to lose all control, not knowing if I would go for her blood first or ravage her body first. The pull was so incredibly powerful. If it hadn’t been for all my centuries of perfecting the art of control, I would have, easily. I stifled the urges as best I could without making it obvious to her.

As I pulled away from her (I could have held her all night), as to not be creepy, she gently planted a kiss with her soft lips on my cheek. Her heart accelerating when she did. She put her hand up to her lips, looking slightly embarrassed that she had done that. I gently kissed her forehead to let her know it was okay and not unwanted. She smiled.
Ai buze fierbinţi.” I said, as I let go of her completely. I took her hand in mine and kissed it, “Inima mea îţi aparţine.”
She looked at me with a questioning look.
“Google it.” I winked, as I started to walk away.

He's such a tease!

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Bleeding Hearts & Fangs, ~Siren X


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  4. Don't google it! Translations will soon come! ;)

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  9. Thank you to everyone who read and commented! I enjoy them all! And yes, we will see how long he can control himself around her.

    I am posting a site for the translations. I know I said they are coming within the story, but just in case you can't wait...