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Vampire Friday o6.16.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

Where we last left off, Vaughn walked in on Jake and Karlea having sex and confessing their love to one another. After threatening to kill and turn Karlea, Vaughn staked Jake - only not through the heart so he was still alive, just paralyzed. While Vaughn was busy taunting Jake, Karlea surprised Vaughn with a stake that just missed his heart...

Karlea rushed over to Jake's side. SHe looked at the stake in him, she knew she had to pull it out, but she was scared to. She tried to pull it out, but it was lodged deep into him. Vaughn had said the stakes would splinter and Karlea didn't know how to pull it out to reduce that risk. She used both of her hands to pull it free from his body.

He immediately came to, sitting up against the wall. His eyes had turned to red. Karlea let out a long breath and wrapped her arms loosely around Jake's neck in a small embrace as to not hurt him more. She needn't say anything, Jake already knew what she was feeling. Although, he had been paralyzed by the stake, he was still able to see her reaction and heard the terrified scream. He patted her arm.
"I'm okay, Karlea." He said, quietly. 
His wound healed painfully as he fought against it, Karlea trying to hold onto him, but he was just so strong compared to her. 
"Vaughn." Jake's sire bond pulling him to Vaughn, although Jake didn't want it to. Jake reached for Vaughn, but the splinters that were left in him made it too painful. Jake yelled out in pain. 
"I didn't kill him. I think I wanted to." She said. "I'm so sorry. He made you. And I want to kill your sire."
Jake shook his head, "Its okay, Karlea, he was going after you, next."
"I didn't do it because of me. I did it because he attacked you."
"An effect of my blood." Jake put his arm around her. "I'm supposed to be protecting you, not the other way around."
Jake slowly moved over to Vaughn, to pull out the stake.
"You might want to be out in the hallway when I do this. Or maybe out of the state." He said.
"I'll do it. I'm not afraid of him." She replied.
Karlea went over to him. 
"Listen up, I know you can hear me. Do anything like this again and next time I don't miss your heart."
She pulled the stake from him, throwing it down next to him. He immediately sat up against the wall. 
"I need to get to the kitchen." Jake said.
"Okay." She acknowledged. 
She grabbed her underwear from the floor. Jake and Vaughn watched her put it back on. Jake slowly made it to his feet. Karlea rushed over to put her arm around him to try to help him walk out to his kitchen.

Karlea watched him move around the kitchen. For a vampire, his movements were slower than usual, and much slower than Karlea's. 
"There's still splinters in me. I need to get them out."
Within minutes, Jake set a cup of tea in front of Karlea.
"We need to talk."
Karlea shook her head and took a sip of the tea.
"I've never been able to fully break my vampire-sire bond with him, no matter how much I hated him when he turned me and throughout the centuries for things he's done. I've lived far, far away from him for years and I still couldn't completely break it off. What I'm trying to say is Vaughn and I are a packaged deal. He's always going to be there. He's always going to be watching. He might always walk in on us having sex. If you can't handle that, I understand."
"I told you, I can handle him. I'll gladly take you both on."
Jake smiled, reaching out to put his hand over hers that was holding the mug of tea. 
"Vaughn acts on urges and impulse. Most vampires do. Few manage it and suppress it."
"You manage it." She said.
"Haha, see I have you fooled into thinking I do. It's difficult and it takes a lot of energy. I can slip so easily..."

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