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MidWeek Tease o4.11.18

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We last left in Anton's point of view, where the hunger was starting to get to him...

At sundown, I awoke to a hunger I had never felt before. I have gone days without feeding, but this hunger was so different, so much more intense. I wanted to feed, kill, and fuck all at the same time. The erotic dreams I had of Charlotte did not help - some that involved her blood, some that involved her sex, and some that mixed both.
I climbed slowly out of bed and dressed. Part of me wanted to stay in bed and keep sleeping, but this hunger would only get worse the longer I went. Jax would be arriving soon. I quickly checked my messages, my business partner saying to check my front door.
I struggled against the extreme hunger as I made my way through the penthouse.
I felt as though I could kill the whole city in a bloodbath.

Outside the front door sat a sealed box. I could hear glass bottles clanging against each other as I carried the box inside. I set it down on the island counter and opened it, pulling out a bottle of Kentucky homemade moonshine. I quickly poured a glass and took as shot. It was so strong. If I had been human the taste wouldn’t have been so awful. I waited for it to have some kind of an effect, but it wasn’t happening. I took a bunch more, but it didn’t do anything to stop the hunger. I needed Jax to get here, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure it was safe for him to be in my presence.
I also needed to text Charlotte and make plans, hopefully I would be able to hold it together enough for tonight. Right now, I couldn’t even hold it together enough to text her. I was afraid I would slip and say something like, I want to tear you apart and feast on your heart. Which is something I did want at this moment. That wouldn’t come off as serial killer-ish or anything to a human.

I set down my phone, the urge to text her was too great. Besides I could barely hold onto my phone, I was shaking so uncontrollably.

A knock on the door, shook me from the horrible killing fantasies I fell into. I opened the door slightly, hiding behind it.
“I don’t know if its safe for you, Jax.” I said.
“That’s why I’m here, too.” Marlena replied. She entered into the penthouse and looked at me.
“Shit, Anton. You look horrible.” She said.
Jax entered. “We’re both here, Anton. You can feed from both of us.”
“Thank you.” I managed.
We made our way over to the sofa. Marlena with a stake in hand, ready in case I couldn’t stop before Jax’s heart did.
Jax loosened the collar on his shirt. As soon as I saw his exposed throat I was on him, sinking my fangs in, before he could even get comfortable on the sofa.
“Jesus, Anton.” He said. He didn’t try to fight me, he instead relaxed his body and let me take what I needed, having faith in me that I would hold him up and not let his body hit the floor when he became too weak.

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Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
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  1. Well done. I guess the stake in hand should cool his thirst.

  2. Wow. Glad he has friends and backups!

  3. Love the intensity in this tease :)

  4. A hungry vampire is indeed a dangerous thing. Great tease, Siren!

  5. Is he going to stop in time? Great teaser.