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Vampire Friday o6.29.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday! I have been M.I.A for far too long. 

We continue where I left off months ago. Jake went with Karlea to work to be her own personal bodyguard against Reed.

"Here." Karlea said, as she set a drink of whiskey on the bar in front of Jake. He looked at it and looked at her. "Its the least I can do while you sit there and watch me work."
She smiled and went back to setting up the bar for the night. Jake finished texting Vaugh then watched her dance around behind the bar as she set more bottles of alcohol on the shelves. The DJ already getting his set up running, turning his mixes on lower than club volume, so everyone could still hear each other. 
Karlea came back over stocking cherries, limes, lemon, and orange slices. 
"Hey Girl, feeling better?" Karlea's co-bartender, Tammy, said as she entered behind the bar.
"Yeah, I was really sick. Couldn't get out of bed." Karlea replied, staring at Jake.
"Here," Tammy said handing her a packaged salad, "Maybe if you ate sometimes, you wouldn't get so sick. You're way too skinny."

"Oh my god, I'm actually so hungry. Thanks, Tammy." Karlea replied as she quickly opened the salad and dug into it.
"I totally forgot to feed you. I'm so sorry." Jake said.
Tammy glared at him for a second. "Ugh, guys." She said before walking off. 

Karlea laughed, looking at Jake, "If she only knew."
"You fed me and I totally forgot to feed you." Jake replied, concerned.
"Its okay, I'm sure you're not used to having a human in the house." She replied, quietly.
"True, but I need to have food for you. Also need to get you some B6 supplements, if I'm going to be drinking from you. You need to keep your strength up or you will be unconscious in my bed for most of your existence."
"I don't mind being in your bed, but I'd prefer to be conscious." She shot back with a wicked smile on her face.
She went back to her salad as she finished setting up. 

"Karlea," Matt called from the other end of the bar, "here go get the cash drawers from the safe."
He threw his keys with force at her. Karlea attempted to catch them but they hit her hand before landing with a loud thud on the floor.
"Ouch." She yelled, "Damn it, Matt, you know I'm not like you."

Matt chuckled. When Karlea had returned tonight to the club, her, Jake and Matt had to have a talk to let Matt know what was going on. Jake let her in beforehand that Matt was actually a vampire, too, along with some of the security guards. Matt already was aware of something going on between Danny and Luna, that involved dragging Karlea into it. But it wasn't until tonight that he knew that Reed was the one looking for Karlea. 

Jake was too busy staring off towards the door sensing something, as Karlea walked off towards Matt's office. Jake looked over at Matt, as Matt, too, caught the scent of vampires. He rushed over to Jake's side as they watched towards the door.
"Reed." Jake said, "I can feel him in my blood."

Oh no, not looking good...

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MidWeek Tease o6.27.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!

School is over and I finally have the summer off, which means more regular posts from me. Where we last left off, Anton just fed from his donors so that he didn't lose control on his date with Charlotte. He didn't kill them, they are just unconscious...
I felt much better than I had when I awakened, but tonight was still going to be difficult. I texted Charlotte, apologizing for my lateness, just saying my day didn’t go as planned. I hated lying to her, but coming out and saying I awoke to a hunger I’ve never felt before and if I had texted you, I probably would have hunted you down and killed you, wouldn’t have gone over well. If I was having difficulty lying to her then I had better practice answers in my head, if she asked about my day...or anything really.

I asked her if she would still be interested in going out with me tonight, that I could pick her up in an hour. She replied, yes, and that she understood things happen, that she would see me in an hour. She gave me her address, 72 Girton Place. I now knew where she lived. This was all dangerous ground once again, she would be alone with me in the car, it was like I was setting myself up to lose control. I just wanted to be with her and make as normal to a date as possible.

I got ready and checked on Marlena and Jax. I set out snacks and orange juice, so when they came to they could quickly get their blood sugar levels up. I left them a note, thanking them, and a hefty check, showing my appreciation for what they had done for me. I headed to the parking garage. Once in my car, I took a few minutes to make sure the monster in me was settled. Charlotte only lived five minutes away, it didn’t give me enough time to focus and center myself.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

WeWriWa o6.24.18

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! I have been M.I.A for awhile. School year is over and its summer, I can finally focus on other things.

Where I last left off in this story, Armani was letting Karlea call Jake, but she was having very mixed feelings about calling him. RIght before this snippet below, Karlea was having trouble remembering Jake's phone number, so Armani drank her blood to find out the number for her...
She hit the call button, her feeling getting stronger as the phone rang.
"Karlea?!" Jake answered.
She stayed silent.
"Karlea?!" Jake shouted.
"Jake..." Karlea said quietly.

"Where are you? I can't feel your presence anymore, Vaughn and I have been looking everywhere for you..."

What will Karlea's response be?

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Enjoy your Sunday!

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MidWeek Tease o6.o6.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!

I have been MIA for months. I work at an elementary school and the school year just got totally crazy, I couldn't keep up with my creative life :( We have 12 days left of the school year and thankfully I have summer off! So, where we last left off in my story here, Anton (a vampire) was feeding from a human donor before his big date with a human woman...
Marlena watched closely as I drank and drank. Jax’s body becoming weak beneath me, but his heart was still okay. I signaled to Marlena that he was fine, not wanting that stake in me. His blood helping to calm the monster. I did as I was trusted and held him, bringing him to the sofa as I still drank. Marlena obviously didn’t trust me and checked the pulse in his wrist, as she sat next to him. She was right in not trusting me. A part of me did want to lie to her, so I could keep drinking to the very end. She was smart in checking his pulse, it would make my decision of whether or not to stop in time, much easier.
His heart started to weaken fast, I pulled away quickly. That was harder than it looked, but I had the image of Charlotte’s eyes in my mind and the thought of how disappointed she would be in me if I had killed.
I looked at Marlena. My eyes and fangs must have scared her this time because she asked, “Am I safe?”
She held tightly onto the stake, awaiting my reply.
“Yes, Jax settled the monster, calmed the craving. I am no more hungry than when you usually come. There is nothing to fear.” I wasn’t lying to her, but my Romanian accent came out thick and I spoke the way the old me spoke back in the 1800’s.
“No offence, Anton, but I don’t trust you, so I’m holding onto this while you feed.”
“I understand. And I’m still only taking it from your wrist.”
Marlena positioned herself comfortably on the sofa. I sat next to her and she made sure she was at an angle where she could stake me if needed. I drank until she started to become weak, wanting to show her I meant no harm, and she could trust me again.
“You can take a bit more, I trust you will stop. I don’t want you to relapse while on your date, that would be awful. Please,” She said, still holding her wrist out to me, “be full.”
I drank more until she was unconscious like Jax. I carefully placed her on Jax, resting on him, so they would come to, together.

I looked at them, wishing I could have the love and companionship they had. They had been through so much together, and their work was so dangerous, but they did it together knowing that one night, one of them may not return. I made a promise to them that in time or if anything happened to either one of them, that I would turn them. I really didn’t want to turn anyone with this gift I had, but they had done so much for me in the twenty years I knew them that if they wanted it, it was the least I could do for them.

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