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Vampire Friday o7.o6.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

We continue on right where we left off last time, where Jake sensed Reed.
(Some background because I have been absent from this blog hop for a while - Reed is one of the first & oldest vampires. He made Vaughn, and Vaughn then made Jake, so there's a bit of history between them all. Matt is Karlea's boss at the nightclub.)

"Go be with Karlea. I'll stall Reed." Matt said.
Jake shook his head, feeling Reed's presence. "He's already inside." Jake said, quietly with no emotion. 
Jake closed his eyes and then turned around. Reed was sitting at the bar facing them. It had been at least a century since he had seen Reed. He looked good, as always, dressed in the latest fashions, looking like a young, wealthy CEO in his thirties. His hair dark brown and short. His eyes, where the brightest blue-grey, that mesmerized most humans, and could stare through anyone, human or not. Right now, they were staring through him.
"I was wondering when I would see you again, grand dad." Jake sarcastically said.
Reed snarled, "I hate when you call me that."

"Why I do it."
"You are no grand progeny of mine, Jake," Reed replied, "and neither is Vaughn. Where is he anyway, I'm surprised he's not attached to your hip?"
Reed nodded his head.
"I don't know, Reed, I think he's busy draining his current interns." Jake looked behind him to see that he and Matt where surrounded by Reed's men. With another nod from Reed, a few of his men scattered, to round up the human bartenders, DJ, and security team; Reed's men using compulsion to keep them quiet. The rest of the security team that were not human, ended up with paralyzing stakes in them.
"That girl, though," Reed continued, "she may have potential. She might make a good progeny of mine. Her blood is not only sweet, but strong, even though it was cold. I had a taste in the alley the other night, off the blade that stabbed her. I could only imagine what it tastes like warm."
Reed smiled, "So, where is she, Jake? I know she's here. I'm not going to harm her...yet. I have a few questions I need to ask her regarding a business matter."
"Go to hell, Reed." Jake replied.
Reed shook his head, "You're better off calling her because it isn't going to be so pretty if I have to find her."
Jake looked over at Matt.
"Really Jake? The two of you are going to fight me, with all my men surrounding you?"

Jake just stared at Reed, a low growl escaping him. 

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  1. Reed is cute though, even if he is the bad guy.
    I like how Jake is having none of the bullshit. Are older vampire stronger than whoever they sired and have more powers in your mythology too?