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MidWeek Tease o8.29.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thank you to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!

Where we left off, Charlotte was on her date with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. She kind of discovered some things about him, not that he was a vampire, but that he was dominant and that there would be consequences with him, if she was too sassy. They discussed terms of dating each other since they both felt they were bad at it. This week things heat up a bit in so many ways...

We decided to go back inside and catch the band, the band being fairly decent.  Charlotte stood dancing to one of their songs, when she looked back at me and smiled. I took a step closer to her, wrapping my arm around her, pulling her in close. Her exposed neck sticking out of her jacket began to taunt me, as her body continued to sway to the music.
Things were only going to get harder for me in this sense. My mind started to ponder the idea of instead of taking her home tonight, taking her to my estate in wine country, where no neighbors could hear her scream. Ending it and then having a morning stroll in the sun to nonexistence.

I moved my attention to the band, rubbing my eyes, trying to get ahold of myself before my eyes changed color and my fangs made an appearance. I was never afraid that exposing myself accidentally could lead to my death by humans. My strength and speed enough to take out this whole venue if need be.

Pretending to be human in all my centuries had been a challenge. I believe it is for any vampire that wants to walk among the living. Yes, there are vampires who choose to remain hidden away from the human world, only making an appearance to feed from unwilling victims. But it was better for our kind to pretend to walk with the living. However, no leisurely stroll in the park. I’ve had plenty of business meetings that have not gone my way that have lead me to forcibly control my anger, so no one gets their throat ripped out. Charlotte, though, just kept showing me that this was a level of control I’ve never experienced, she tested every part of me that I managed to perfect over the centuries. This was going to be a whole new level of control, I was going to have to perfect while with her and hope she didn’t die in my learning.
Every nerve I had, felt like it was on fire and I felt almost as hungry as I awoke. Her skin against mine was giving me a euphoric feeling that I felt when I fed. My mind was becoming a mess of wanting to love her like a human, fuck her as hard as I could until she was screaming in ecstasy, feed from her as she screamed in fear, and doing so until her heartbeat ceased. This was my new reality and I’m sure it was only grow in intensity the more intimate we became.

Charlotte turned back and looked at me. I smiled and planted a small kiss on her forehead. She smiled and turned back to watch the band, letting her body relax against mine, her head resting on me.

Her scent consisted of the smell of her shampoo and whatever other body sprays she wore. But I could also smell her femininity, her lust,...her fear, not of what I was because she didn’t know, but her fear of being in a relationship. Her nervousness of being around me. Her blood...her type B- blood smelled even sweeter than her shower fragrance. All this put together was the best thing I ever smelled. I knew she would be the most divine thing I would ever taste, too. Her heart and the blood traveling in her veins, I could hear it constantly, and I could see it, too.

“Should we get out of here?” I whispered in her ear, more husky than I meant. Sexual lust and blood lust taking over.
“Yes.” She replied in an almost breathy voice.

She wrapped her arm around mine as we started to walk down the sidewalk towards where I had parked. I stared at her as we walked. She looked up at me, smiled and looked away, looking back at me again.
“What? You’re staring.” She asked.
I shook my head, “I just think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen that’s all.”
She laughed and smiled.
“Are you always this nervous?” I asked.
“Usually no. Just around you...apparently.”
“Why...because I’m wealthy and have some standard you have to live to? I told you none of that matters to me.”
“I know.” She paused, and then spoke again, “I feel all these crazy things around you, too. Like I want you, but its so much more than that. I’ve never felt something this intense, truthfully.”
We stopped walking and I faced her.
“Consider me yours,” I said, “Until you don’t want me or until you decide this relationship doesn’t work for you anymore. I have to admit, I’m trying to take tonight easy because I don’t want you to think I only want one thing.”
“I know you don’t.” She replied. Her beautiful eyes staring into me.
“Fuck.” I said in that husky voice, as everything hit me again. I grabbed onto her, and pushed her up against the wall of the building we were in front of. One hand on her waist, the other binding her wrists above her head, as I kissed her deeply. I expected her to try to push me away, but instead she kissed me back just as intensely, her breath ragged. She didn’t even try to fight against her bound wrists. The euphoric feeling that I didn’t understand, sweeping through me.
I pulled my lips away from hers. “I’m sorry, am I being too rough for the first date?”
“No.” She replied between breaths. “I like it.”
I went back to kissing her, leaning down further to kiss the top of her breast that stuck out of her jacket. She moaned, her wrists straining against my hand and her back arching. I pulled away again and looked up at her, sensing people were coming this way.
“There’s more where that came from. But we should probably go.” I said, letting go of her wrists. She nodded, unable to speak, as she noticed people down the street. I kissed her quickly on the lips. She smiled and put her arm back in her favorite place around mine.
“And this should be our second date,” she said, “last night was our first.”

Thanks for reading! Sorry that was a long tease but I had to get to the good part :) I haven't written the next part, so I'm not sure if they should go to his place or hers.
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