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Vampire Friday o9.21.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

I don't remember how long ago I last posted, but where I left off Reed killed Karlea's ex-boyfriend, more like ripped his heart out and ate it, making Karlea watch. Vaughn showed up to rescue Karlea, as he had some words with Reed. Vaughn's last line to Reed was how he was always killing people...

"I only kill those I feed from and those that betray me." Reed smirked, "Why you and Jake still exist, I question all the time. You both should have been dead a long time ago."
Vaughn made his way over to Karlea. "Everyone betrays you, Reed, that should tell you something about yourself."
Vaughn grabbed onto Karlea. She fell into his chest and continued sobbing. 
"Look at you, Vaughn, helping a weak human girl, instead of feeding off of her. Risking your existence to save her. Never thought I'd see the day. Jake, I expect that from, not you. Just continue to be a disappointment."
Vaughn discretely made a large slash across his chest with his nails, while Reed spoke. He pushed Karlea into him more as if he were trying to console her to cover up that he was guiding her mouth to the bleeding wound. Karlea caught on and drank as much blood as she could. Vaughn guided one of her hands to the inside of the back pocket on his pants, inside of it were wooden stakes. 
"Ouch." Vaughn retorted sarcastically to Reed, as if his being a disappointment hurt him.
Vaughn's blood started to take a hold of her. She felt strange, like she was on a drug...euphoric and full of lust, but the severity of the situation also made her strong, as if she could break someone in two, and filled with animosity.
Vaughn's wound healed, Karlea slightly looked up at him. She caught his eye, he looked down at her as the side of his mouth curled up in a tiny smirk. A dark intense sparkle reflected off her eyes as she looked at him...she was ready for battle. 

"I wasn't really saving her," Vaughn said, smiling, "I was preparing her for a fight."
With that, Vaughn purposely pushed her out of the way and closer to where Jake lay, as he lunged at Reed. 

One of Reed's men, closest to Karlea, blocks her path to Jake, he takes a swing at her but with Vaughn's blood in her, she jumps back quick. She doesn't understand it, but instinct makes her run forward at him, ducking under his next swing, and landing the stake in her right hand into his torso. He fell to the ground paralyzed. She took another stake from her other hand and drove it into his heart, retrieving the first from his torso. His body stiffened, turning a shade of grey. 
She is surprised at her strength and quickness. She runs at the next of Reed's men, using the little martial arts training she has to kick him down with force. He falls to the floor and Karlea rams a stake through his heart. She reaches Jake and yanks the stake from him. Jake coming to.
"Hurry up and heal, I'm going to need you." She shouts, before another one of Reed's men comes at her, hitting her across the face sending her flying across the floor. 

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
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