Wednesday, October 10, 2018

MidWeek Tease 1o.1o.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thank you to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop! I ahve been MIA due to work and not having time to write :(

Where we left off, Charlotte was on her date with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. She kind of discovered some things about him, not that he was a vampire, but that he was dominant and that there would be consequences with him, if she was too sassy. They discussed terms of dating each other since they both felt they were bad at it. Things started to heat up in the street before Anton sensed people coming their way...

“And this should be our second date,” she said, “last night was our first.”
“Second date it is.” I smiled.
“You’re only saying second date so it isn’t so bad that we are messing around.” I added as we approached the car. “Although, I’m not opposed to you calling last night our first date.”
“Shhh.” She said, holding her index finger to her mouth, and smiling.
I opened the passenger side door for her. She thanked me and got in, holding onto her flowers that were on the seat. I stopped behind the car, as I made my way around, to take a deep breath. I could drive her home and end the night with her, but neither one of us seemed ready for the night to be over. I got into the car. I looked at her and gently kissed her lips before driving off. We drove in silence for a minute, until I stopped at a red light.
“You’re staring again.” She said, looking over at me with her eyebrows raised.
I shook my head, laughing a bit, “Sorry, can’t help it.”
I looked back at the light just as it turned green. I left my hand down by her seat as she took it into hers. As we drove, I squeezed her hand before letting go, placing my hand above her knee. I turned onto the next street. She strained to look up and out of the windshield, noticing the building coming up in front of us.
“Your place?” She questioned with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.
I nodded.
“You might want to curb that sarcastic tone of yours.” I warned. “Yeah, I noticed that.” I winked.
She looked at me and deviously smiled.
“Or what?” She challenged.
“We’re headed to my place, so you might just find out.” I replied, quickly adding, “If its not too much for you on a second date.”
I dug my nails into her skin above her knee. Her reaction was straighten up her back even more and push her legs together as a heavy breath left her lungs.  
“That’s twice I’ve counted tonight. Not mention all the times last night, enough I can’t even recall them all…” I said.
I turned into the parking garage, my automatic car pass opening the gates to the garage. The car descended down into the pit of the underground. I turned into the section for the two penthouses, pulling up to the gate for Penthouse 2, again my automatic pass opening the gate. I parked between my two other cars. Jax and Marlena’s car gone.
She looked at me. “Both yours?” She asked, smirking.
“Yeah.” I nodded.
She shook her head at me, as I got out of the car. I opened her door for her, and she once again, left her bouquet of flowers on her seat. She followed behind me to the entrance of the building. She would be somewhat safe here, even though she was walking into my domain...this building would be too difficult to drag out and dispose of a dead body. She looked around the lobby as we walked in.
“There’s a small art gallery around the side, but it closed a few hours ago.” I said, pointing to which side I meant.
“Good evening, Mr. Pierce.” The night front desk concierge, Donna, said as we approached. Her eyebrows raising a bit at Charlotte.
I smiled at her, “Evening, Donna.”
I took Charlotte’s hand and led her over to the desk.
“Donna, please meet Charlotte.”
They said a quick hello to each other and shook hands.
“She may be here frequently. If she’s not with me, then she can be let up to the penthouse, no need to make a big fuss, she’s allowed.”
“Yes, sir.” Donna replied, her smile seeming somewhat fake.
I led Charlotte to the penthouse elevator.

Its not his wine country estate but his city penthouse...I wonder what will happen?

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