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MidWeek Tease 11.21.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things heated up back at his place, Anton took her home, where she invited him in...

My predator instinct was kicking in more intensely than I expected. I tried to restrain my eyes from changing over and my fangs from showing. I needed to distract myself or force myself to run away.

I looked around me, I was standing in her small living room that opened up into another small space that seemed to be her reading room. It was then it caught my eye - a larger space that opened off the reading room that was meant to be a dining room, was actually her art studio space - a painting sitting on an easel was right there. It was of a young woman in a tattered ballgown dancing on the edge of a forest in the moonlight, her face horrid and twisted, all done in black, white, and shades of greys, in a style that looked like an actual black and white photograph.
“Is that your studio?” I asked her without pulling my eyes away.
“Yeah.” She replied, shyly.
I walked through the reading room over to the painting. I studied it, focusing in on her brushstrokes, my vision able to see each miniscule detail of the strands of hair from her brushes.  I heard her walk up behind me. I turned to her forgetting all about losing control.
“Charlotte, this is beautiful.” I said, lost in her work just as she was lost in mine at the museum.
She had more paintings stacked up on the floor in rows. A moon and trees painting stuck out in hues of bright blue, white, and black. As did her more gory paintings that featured dark figures with bright red blood...there was a ghost attacking a person in a dark room of a house, and a collection of paintings that looked like an emulations of Edvard Munch’s vampire paintings in her own style. I was going to have to ask her about these and her thoughts on vampires, as I was now curious. A painting fell over as she walked by. I bent down and picked it up, looking at it, people dancing around a fire in the woods, celebrating..
“Festival of Dionysus.” She said, quietly.
“God of wine, madness, and ecstasy.” I finished. “Charlotte, you said you were an artist, but these are incredible.”
“Thanks.” She replied as she tried to tidy up. “I have too many projects going at once.”
I looked around the rest of the room, there were clay sculptures, woodcut prints, drawings, and her sewing machine with a half clothed mannequin next to it.
She saw me looking at it. “I’m trying to finish my costumes for the Fringe Festival, but I’ve been working so much.”
“You’re performing?” I inquired, Pierce Wines was one of the sponsors of the festival.
“Yeah,” she said hesitantly, “I’m in a circus troupe...we’re taking over the main tent for one night only. I’m a fire artist and aerial silks artist.”
She really was an artist in every sense of the word. Although, the fire was something I would stay away from. I wasn’t too fond of it, having a few run ins with it over the centuries, it conjured bad memories.
“I am speechless,” I said, “All I can say is wow.”
Another one of her devious smiles came across her face.
“The wine guy with millions is speechless.” She said with her attitude.
“Don’t push it.” I said, pulling her into me.
“Oh, I think I will.” She replied, gently biting her lip as she stared up at me.
She knew exactly what she was doing, only I don’t she had any idea how damn sexy she was when she did. Her green eyes stared through my undead soul and those lips...I still wanted them on every part of my body.
I lifted her up, she instinctively wrapped herself around me. I wanted to bend her over something and spank her again for her feistiness, but kissing those lips won out. Our lips locked together in a sensuous kiss. I walked a few steps, setting her down on top of her sewing table, continuing to kiss her. She sucked at my bottom lip before pulling away and moving down my throat to the crossroads of my shoulder and neck. She sucked again, this time her teeth slightly biting down. It caused me to moan, digging my nails into her sides. I pressed my body harder into hers. This was going to send me over the edge, either by just drinking her dry or taking her first until she was screaming in pleasure and then drinking her dry.
I pulled away, “Neither one of us is going to make it to work tomorrow if we don’t stop.”
She looked at me and smiled before I pulled her up and set her down on the floor.
“Until tomorrow evening?” I asked.
“I think I’m free, but I’ll have to check.” She replied, smirking.
I raised my eyebrow.
She laughed, “Yes, I’m free.”
“Good. And you got away with your feistiness tonight, punishment will be due tomorrow.”
“Okay, whatever.” She said, then smiled.
I took her by the arm and pulled her close.
“You know I can bend you over anything, right, and have punishment be due?” I whispered.
“Maybe I just want you to bend me over in other ways.” She whispered back, and then covered her mouth after she said it, smiling.
All I could do was close my eyes and take a long needed breath, she was going to push every limit.
“Until tomorrow.” I said.

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