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MidWeek Tease 11.o7.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things started to heat up in public, Anton decided to bring her back to his penthouse, where things started to heat up again. :)
 We are in Charlotte's p.o.v...
*This is still a WIP

I did as I was told turning slowly. I could feel him eyeing me from behind. He appeared directly behind me. It seemed to happen so fast, but I was so busy trying to hold myself together from how seductive this all was already that I obviously wasn’t paying attention. My stomach fluttered with the excitement of what was going to happen next.
“Absolutely beautiful.” He whispered in my ear.
He took my hand and had me follow him to dark red velvet chaise lounge in the far corner of his room. He sat down as I stood waiting for his next direction. He ran his hands gently from my thighs down the rest of my legs.
“On your knees beside me with your hands behind your back, facing away from me.” He said.
“Yes, Mr. Pierce.” Rolled seductively out of my mouth. He smiled.
I knelt down next to him, facing away, so I looked like I was his pet beside him. I held my wrist in my other hand, as if they were tied together.
“Good.” He replied, gathering my hair into a ponytail with his fingers. He yanked back not too hard, until my back was arched backward.
“Now face towards me.”
He loosened his grip on my hair, so I could turn, but still held onto it.
“I’m surprised, you’ve been so obedient.”
“No worries, Mr. Pierce, I haven’t lost my snarkiness.” I said, smirking.
He laughed and yanked on my hair, making me arch backward again. I inhaled sharply.
His lips were near my throat.
“I should really give you a taste of what you’re in for.” He said, gently planting a kiss on my throat.
He let go of my hair and grabbed onto my wrists, bring them to the front of me. He held them tight with one hand, lifting me up and over his lap. He held my wrists against the soft velvet. His right hand caressed my right buttock before he lifted it away, only to smack his hand right back down on it. It stung, but not nearly as much as I expected. He was going easy.
“Harder.” I whispered, half moaning.
It had been a good while since I had experienced this, and I needed it. With everyone else it seemed forced and contrived, but this, this already felt real.
“Harder?” He smiled.
“I’m not one of those girls you have to take it easy on.” I replied, “I don’t think you understand, Mr. Pierce, i’ve been in this scene a long time. I like to cry. I like it rough. I like it to hurt. I like it not to feel like we are playing around. I like to be sore enough that I can’t sit down easily.”
It felt weird to be voicing this all to him, especially already. But because he made it felt real, it made it so I felt I could be honest.
“Say red, if its too much.”
I nodded.
His hand came down on the other cheek, harder this time. Air left my lungs as did a small cry. He lightly rubbed his cool hand over it before delivering three more each harder than the one before it. I moaned, gripping at velvet.
“That was for everything tonight. And this...this is for everything I lost count of last night.”
A series of more than three smacks descended on my right cheek. A half cry, half moan escaped me this time, my mind floating into ecstasy. My fingers clawing at the velvet... I may have been purring, too.
“And lastly, this is for everything you do to me since the moment I walked into the gallery.”  
I knew from his words that this was going to be a series of many, the realization of how much I had probably done to him hitting me where before I was denying it in disbelief. I didn’t care how many he gave me or how much it hurt - I just wanted his hand on my skin, his body against mine, I wanted to wrap myself around him and live in the bubble that made me feel safe, forgetting the outside world.
His hand came down in a series of smacks, then taking a moment to rub his hand over the area. He did this several more times as I lost myself in it.
“You’re purring again.” He commented in a happy tone before delivering more, so many I lost count.
“Stop!” I cried involuntarily. “I’m going to cum if you keep on going, and I don’t want to.”
He stopped. “That’s something we will have to work on controlling in the future.”
His fingers explored the outside front of my lace panties as I hoped his fingers would explore the inside as well. His fingers danced around my slit, the lace providing a very wet barrier.
“So very, very wet.” He said, seductively.
He lifted me off of his lap, until I was kneeling on the floor. He stood up and offered me his hand. He stared into my eyes as he helped me to my wobbly feet and held onto me.
“Why didn’t you want to?” He asked.
“Because I want to cum with you inside me.” I replied, still staring him in the eyes.
He smiled pulling me into him.
“I can’t wait to taste you and everything else...but in time.” He whispered. “For now, know that this is what you do to me ever since the moment I met you, every time I even look at you”
He took my hand and placed it on his rock hard erection from outside his pants.
“I could help relieve that, if you would let me.”
“Not tonight. In time.” He answered, sweetly, pulling my hand away before I even had a chance to stroke him.

He held me against his chest for a while, my head rising and falling with his breath. He pulled away to stare at me. It was as if he could see my resistance to a relationship with him disappear. I was taken, I was his, I wanted that bubble and nothing else. I think he could see it in my eyes, he knew what I was thinking. He didn’t speak, only lifted me up into his arms and pulled me into him as tight as he could, kissing me long and hard as if the world was ending.

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