Sunday, March 17, 2019

WeWriWa o3.17.19

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! 

I'm sharing something new, something I'm slooowly working on. It's tentatively called Blood Wine. That name will probably change. Anyway, this story is about Anton Pierce, a young, handsome, wealthy winery owner and artist – who also happens to be a vampire- who falls for a woman named, Charlotte, at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not just for her beauty but because she is so bold and sassy. His true identity must not ever be revealed to her. Together they start a fiery romance laced with dom/sub dynamic. The story alternates between each of their points of view.

This snippet continues on from last week with Anton's response to Charlotte...

Mr. Pierce cocked an eyebrow. “Well, I do apologize Miss Charlotte, that I had to request a later than usual reception, my schedule can get a bit crazy sometimes.”
His accent really slipped through when he said my name and the way he had said Miss, I trying my best not to melt.
“Please don’t apologize, it’s really not your fault. I apologize for my attitude, it’s Please let me know if there is anything you need or anything I can get you, I’ll be stuck to that desk most of the night.”
“Well, I can be very demanding when I want to be. But I assure you I don’t need much, I’m not like most artists who will complain that everything is wrong.”
I wasn’t sure if he was referring to his wine business dealings or something else. I honestly had hoped he meant it in other ways; stop thinking dirty thoughts, I told myself.

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Enjoy your Sunday!

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs, ~Siren X


  1. I can sense the tension between them even thought they each may believe it's only one-sided.

  2. Sounds like she's getting a bit flustered after her earlier sassiness!

  3. The awkwardness clearly hides attraction.

  4. It seems like some double entendres are slipping into the conversation. :-) Flirt alert, too. :-)