About Me

Siren X Star was born in 1979 in Rochester, New York. She dropped out of graduate film school at the Academy of Art University for no real good reason. She lives a pretty strict vegan straightedge lifestyle, enjoying the art of self deprivation. She considers herself a vampire with the fangs to prove it.  Currently, she calls Los Angeles and Oakland, California home.

She has had poetry internationally published in anthologies and has self published her own chapbook of poetry. She has written countless short stories and screenplays. 

Siren writes erotica, romance, paranormal, fantasy, horror, psychological thrillers, poetry, and screenplays.

When she isn't writing, she can be found drinking way too much blood...errr  tea at cafes, making films, creating music, painting, designing clothes and costumes, cultivating kombucha, cooking vegan meals, DJing, dancing to industrial & PowerNoise, saving animals and the Earth, fighting for human rights, and being terrified by the nation's religion and politics.

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