Wednesday, February 6, 2019

MidWeek Tease o2.o6.19

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte had a creepy experience while at work at the museum. She is now home, getting ready to go out with Anton...
I shook off the day by spending some time on my aerial silks and breathing fire, before Anton was to pick me up. Showering the campfire smell off of me when I was done. This time I elected to wear black faded ripped jeans with a long sleeve fitted skull and crossbones t-shirt with ripped sleeves, and Converse sneakers. Something different than my usual, that I wore last night, making sure to wear matching black lace thong panties and bra. An online mini shopping spree was definitely in my near future. My outfit was cute and comfy, and Anton had mentioned something about going to an artsy experimental movie at the Dreyden Theatre.

I was waiting outside on the sidewalk when he pulled up. I could have easy just gotten in his car, but he insisted on parking and opening the car door for me.
“So old fashioned.” I commented as I walked up to him. He was standing on the curb, holding the passenger’s door open.
“Keep pretending you don’t like it, and I won’t do it again.” He said, plainly. “And that’s one already tonight, added on to the three this morning, so we are at four...And for all the feistiness from late last’s going to be a long night for you.”
I smiled and laughed slightly, if it meant more time with him, I was all game, no matter how much it could hurt.
“I have to keep you on your toes.” I smiled.
“Please do.” He smiled back.
I hung onto the edge of the door as I leaned up on my tiptoes to kiss him.
“Hi.” He replied, as he looked down at me and smiled again.
He leaned down to meet me halfway and I was enveloped in his kiss, once again forgetting the rest of the world existed. He was just as intoxicating as the last two times, if not more. His scent was always earthy and subtle, not the strong cologne scent, but more natural. He pulled me around the door until I was fully in his arms, still kissing me. I couldn’t help but to slightly bite down on his lower lip, curious to what the reaction would be again, after last night. It only intensified everything between us. His fingers dug into the back of my shirt and into my skin. His teeth quickly found my lower lip and returned the small bite before his lips kissed my throat, leading down to the side of my neck. He buried his face into my shoulder, breathing and laughing. My fingers automatically winding into his hair at the base of his neck, holding him to me. He quickly pulled away.
“You kill me, teetering on the edge of staying a gentleman or losing all control.” He said, seriously. “On the street is hardly the place for any of this.”
I smiled and let go of him, standing there while he stared at me.
“Are we gonna go or are you just going to stand there staring me, again?” I said, sarcastically.
He shook his head and motioned for me to get in the car. Once inside, he shut the door and appeared around the driver’s side.
“You look so cute and innocent tonight.” He said, as he got in.
He reached towards the back seat and pulled out a gorgeous bouquet of burgundy, almost black, dahlias with lighter red highlights. It seemed he gave me the darker ones for our dates and the brighter ones for my dreary desk at work. He handed them to me as I thanked him without being sassy. I smelled them and smiled, letting the rest of my stress from work melt away.
He must have sensed it because he said, “Rough day?”
I nodded, “Just a patron that was difficult.”
“I’m sorry, He replied, as he started to drive.
“It happens, as I’m sure you know with the winery.”
He nodded in agreement.
“So, what did you do today besides tease me with being naked in bed?”
He laughed, “That’s all I did.  My day off to catch up on sleep. I should have worked on some artwork, but didn’t.”
“That will be my day tomorrow, sleeping. My only day off.” I said.
“See, you made it through the day.”
“Barely.” I laughed, “There was so much paperwork and stuff I was supposed to do, but didn’t get it done...because I was too busy daydreaming about you being naked.”
He started laughing as if he had gotten me back at my game.
“It’s really not funny. But in all fairness, you’re right, I don’t fully understand what I do to you.”
He reached for my hand, holding it as he drove.
“Maybe I can attempt to somehow explain it to you sometime, or be cruel and even show you some version of it.” He said, squeezing my hand.
I didn’t really know what he meant by cruel, but all I could envision was him tying me up and teasing me, then leaving me there. Seemed accurate for a BDSM relationship, although that’s not all we had. I still felt jittery over the whole romantic aspect. Part of me being pessimistic that this was going to end in some dark, fiery tragedy, like all my romantic relationships. Only this one more so.
I had given up on romance a while ago. Past romances either ended up in them leaving me for someone else, using me for money, or one that was secretly an alcoholic who’s idea of a relationship was him constantly putting his fist in my face and putting me down. And everytime I tried to leave, he’d threaten my life. After I found myself again in Los Angeles, it was friend with benefits relationships and strict dom/sub scenarios only. L.A. was the perfect place for it all.
What made me feel the pull to move back to New York, I was still trying to figure out. I was beginning to wonder if it had to do with if it was the universe trying to give me a sign by making me want to move back to this black hole...this just made me sound insane.
I had time this morning to catch up with Amie before I had gone to work. After I told her about my date she was thoroughly convinced that I had found “the one”. I was still fighting myself over if I believed in such things.

Amie also told me I needed to stop questioning everything and just live in the moment, letting things be. Perhaps, she is right...about everything.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

MidWeek Tease o1.3o.19

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A huge thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this incredibly fun blog hop! 

I can't believe the first month of 2019 is over, I honestly don't know where the whole month went and I wish that was because I was busy writing or working on creative projects...but nope. I actually took tomorrow off from work just to have a day home to myself to work on things, so yay! My goal for 2019 is to get out of this job and start making money doing something in the creative/arts field that I love, like I was doing in I know its possible. My current job as an elementary TA is killing me and my soul. And putting me in contact with many illnesses, such as strep, flu, stomach virus, pink eye, oh and lice (this is all this past week). I'm so over it, I only get paid minimum wage. Ughhh. Any words of encouragement and motivation, ideas, would be infinitely appreciated. 

Where we last left off, Anton left Charlotte at work with the thought of him naked in bed ;)
I hung up the phone. That was so not fair of him. There was no way I was going to make it through the whole day with the thought of him naked in bed, or naked in the bath, fantasizing about me while he did things to himself. I grabbed my cell phone from the desk and texted him, That was so not fair. Now I have sit here all day and think about you naked.

His response was a curious, sneaky, smiley face emoji, of which I responded with a mad face. He texted back: You want to know about what’s not The thought of you distracts me from everything - work, sleep, no matter what I’m doing. So, I think you can last eight hours. Enjoy.

Part of me wanted to throw my phone across the room, I was so sexually frustrated. Instead, I took a deep breath and sat at my desk as the museum opened for the day.

A strikingly professional, well-dressed, and beautiful couple walked up to the admissions desk. We greeted each other as they handed me their membership cards and ID’s. I looked at the names on both before scanning them into the system. Dr. Jax and Dr. Marlena Johnston...they were both doctors, which made me wonder what kind of doctors they were, surgeons maybe.
“These bouquets are beautiful.” The woman smiled, warmly.
“Thanks,” I replied, “they were gifts.”
She smiled again, “Someone must really like you.”
I noticed her husband slightly nudge her.
“Perhaps.” I smiled, as I handed back the memberships and ID’s, and giving them each a museum admission sticker.
“Could you direct us to Anton Pierce’s exhibit?” The man said.
“Yes, to the right, around the auditorium. The gallery will be right there.” I said, accidentally looking him in his hazel eyes. We both quickly looked away.
“Thank you.” He replied.
I held the door open for them.
“Enjoy the exhibit.” I said as they entered.

The day was the usual Sunday busy, not anything like the day previous. Throughout the day, images of Mr. Pierce naked flashed through my head, making whatever task I was tackling difficult to do.

Right before the end of the day, a man walked into the museum. He took his time looking at the sculptures in the atrium before coming over to the admissions desk. He stared and smiled at me at I greeted him. He was tall and thin, older with greying hair in his short cut beard and hair. His eyes had a darkness to them as did his whole presence. Working with the public, I could already tell this guy was going to be a creep.

“Good afternoon.” He responded with a deep raspy voice, still staring at me. He glanced down at the flowers, and back at me. “So beautiful.”
I wasn’t sure if he was speaking about the flowers or me.
“Thanks, I think.” I quietly said.
“So...are you a member of the museum or do you need an admission for one...or what’s going on here?” I said with my attitude.
He smirked at my attitude, “One admission, please.”
He reached into his pocket and handed me a twenty dollar bill. I rang him up for the admission and got him his change and admission sticker. I went and held the door to the galleries open for him.
“Enjoy.” I said, unenthusiastically.
He stopped in front of me, thanking me. He took my hand that wasn’t holding the door into his about to kiss it when I pulled it away.
“I’m taken.” I said.
“My apologies.” He replied before walking through the door.
A rush of coldness hit me and I shivered, rubbing my arms as the door closed. I stood there for a second, scrunching up my face and thinking, before I ran over to Frank at the entrance to the museum.
“Frank! Did you get a good look at that guy that just came in?”
“Yeah.” Frank replied.
“He gave me a very weird vibe.”
“I got that, too.” Frank said, “I’m gonna go keep an eye in him in the galleries. I’ll walkie Phil to come up here.”
“Okay. Thanks, Frank.”
Frank took off into the galleries, Phil taking his place at the front a few minutes later. I sat back at the desk, trying to finish up a few things before closing time, but a bit on edge and watching the gallery door for the creepy man to come back out, or to be escorted. I finally lost my thoughts in Anton being naked, again.
I felt a coldness envelope me, then realized I was being watched by the creepy man at the gallery doors. I jumped back a little, almost falling off my desk chair. He walked out of the doors. I wanted to scream for Phil or Frank.
“Thank you.” Was all he said. “And thank you for the security guard, that was a nice touch.”
“You’re welcome.” I said with sarcasm, as I stared boldly at him.
He walked out of the museum and I watched as Phil, locked the doors, the day was done. I thought for a second about his words, and then went running through the gallery doors, trying to find Frank. I tore down the hallway calling for him, my voice echoing. I almost crashed into him as I turned the corner. He looked at me like I was crazy.
“Frank.” I said, relieved.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I just...I just wasn’t sure if you were. That guy left but he said something about you that made me worry.”
“I’m okay, Charlotte. He was fine, but he was definitely weird.”
I caught my breath.
Frank patted me on the shoulders and said, “Don’t sweat it. The day is over. Go home and relax. Hot date tonight, I hope?”
I shook my head.
“Good, you deserve it.” Frank said.
I put my head on Frank’s shoulder, the darkness of that creep really shook me up for some reason.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

MidWeek Tease o1.16.19

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, weeks ago, Anton went hunting after taking Charlotte home from their date. In the morning, Charlotte texts Anton to scold him for leaving gifts on her desk at work. His response is a simple and authoritative, get used to it. This is where we continue on...

My phone buzzed with a text from Charlotte. Sassy in her text, scolding me for leaving her breakfast, tea, flowers, and a gift of scented candles on her desk (again) at her work. My response was a simple and authoritative, get used to it. Yes, Mr. Pierce, was her cheeky reply. I rolled my eyes and dialed the art gallery’s phone number. As I expected, Charlotte answered the phone.
“Memorial Art Gallery, this is Charlotte.”
“I could hear all the sarcasm in your last text.” I said.
“Oh, you did?” She asked, innocently, and then added, “Glad you caught onto that.”
I laughed, “Its all fun and games until I see you later. Which, by the way, how sore is your ass?”
“Well, i’m sitting fine, so not sore enough I guess.” She whispered into the phone.
“Did you take a hot bubble bath?”
“I did.”
“You’ll have to tell me about it tonight, and show me.”
“Okay.” She said as I could hear faint voices in the background. “I have to go.”
“I’ll see you tonight.”
“Looking forward to it.”
“And Charlotte…”
“Yes, Mr. Pierce?” She said, seductively.
In my own seductive tone, I answered, “One more thought for the day...I’m currently naked in my bed, after taking a bubble bath where I fantasized about you.”
“Keep fantasizing about me, please.” She begged, her voice filled with sudden need.
“I’ll call or text you later.” I said, before hanging up.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

MidWeek Tease 12.12.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Anton dropped Charlotte off at her home and left...
After I cleared her street, I sped up, heading towards the freeway. I needed to Everything about her drove me insane with need and lust. I desired and needed her blood...and her body. I wanted both until she was shattered into pieces, barely able to scream that she couldn’t take anymore. My eyes had changed over and my fangs were showing. I needed to be let loose for awhile where she was nowhere around, although my innate instinct was telling me to go back for her.

I hit the freeway pushing my car as fast as it would go. Getting pulled over wouldn’t be a problem, I had ways of fixing that. I took the loop around the city, taking the long way home. Once there, I parked the car in the garage. Marlena had been right, I need to hunt, the way nature intended vampires to feed, in hopes of calming the craving for her. The life of another for hers. I didn’t want to kill, but at this stage of the game, it was unlikely that I would be able to stop.

I walked the downtown city streets, searching for prey. Male, only male. Although, female would definitely calm the craving if I imagined it being Charlotte, but in doing so would make me feel as if I were cheating on her. I wasn’t about to do that. It shouldn’t take long to find the perfect victim, it was a Saturday night and there were sure to be plenty of drunk people leaving the bars.

I stood along the outside of one bar at State and Andrews, as people filtered out.
“Hey, bro, got a cigarette?” A drunk, frat boy asked, as he pushed his way by me.
“No.” I answered.
I watched him stumble around the corner. I slowly followed behind, not wanting him to notice. I watched him carefully. He took another turn into a tight corner of two buildings, to take a piss. I stood at the corner, unseen, waiting for him to finish. I shook my head, some humans were so stupid and gross, and contributed nothing. As he turned the corner, I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him back into the corner.
“What the fuck?” Was all that escaped his lips before I sunk my fangs in, calming the craving for now.

I sat on the floor of my penthouse living room, taking care of some business before the sun rose. The frat boy’s blood still filled me. Marlena knocked on the door, she had texted not too long ago to see if it was safe for her to come over.
“Its open.” I said.
Marlena opened the door and peeked around it. She looked at me, as I leaned back on the sofa.
“Is it safe?” She asked, my eyes and fangs still showing.
“Yes, for you. No to the frat boy I hunted.”
“Is she still alive?” Marlena said, concerned, as she came in and shut the door.
“Charlotte is, which is why the frat boy isn’t.”
“Oh, Anton…”
“I’m not proud of it, felt good though. Anything to keep Charlotte alive.” I looked at her, “You were right, I need to hunt, and its only going to get worse.”
“So, I take it that it went well?” Marlena said, still trying to keep her distance.
“She’s incredible. She makes everything cease to exist, except me. She makes me feel alive and human. And she’s mine. She was so reluctant. Then she was in my arms and I felt it.”
Marlena looked at me.
“No, I didn’t read her thoughts.” I added.
“Wow, Anton, so now what?” Marlena said as she went over to the bar and poured two glasses of whiskey.
I shook my head, “Now I need to keep up the human boyfriend facade. I’ve done it before, but with her, it’s so much harder.”
Marlena took a drink and then still kept her distance as she brought me the second glass. She outstretched her arm, handing it to me. As I took it from her i stared at her wrist, her blood pumped through her veins, tempting me. I quickly took a sip, but I was still fixated on her wrist.
“It’s not safe for you, Marlena.” I growled.
She took another sip and looked at me.
“Here.” She said, holding out her wrist, “But you HAVE to stop. Charlotte wouldn’t like it, if I had to stake you.”
I took it and bit into it fiercely, unable to stop myself.
“Fuck, Anton!” She exclaimed, dropping her drink.
I took a few sips and pulled myself away.
“Go! Before I can’t stop!”
I turned away from her, staring at the floor to distract me from her blood. I watched her tip toe backwards towards the front door, carefully, not wanting to trigger me by running. She tip toed out the door, shutting the door behind her. My ultra sensitive hearing able to hear her tip toe, all the way into the elevator.

Later, I lay in my bed, naked from having taken the bath, I had promised Charlotte that I would, as the sun rose. The heavy black curtains drawn to keep out the light. The bath, a fantasy of her being there with me, of what I wanted to do to her and of what I wanted her to do to me.  The sooner I slept, the sooner my time with her would come.
My phone buzzed with a text from Charlotte. Sassy in her text, scolding me for leaving her breakfast, tea, flowers, and a gift of scented candles on her desk (again) at her work. My response was a simple and authoritative, get used to it.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

MidWeek Tease 11.28.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things heated up back at his place, Anton took her home, where she invited him in. We continue on where he is leaving...

She walked me outside.
“I’ll text you when I’m done tomorrow.”
She nodded as I reached down and touched her cheek. I kissed her softly, taking her hand in mine and squeezing it.
“Good night, Charlotte.”
“Good night, Anton.” She smiled.
It was the first time I heard her call me by my first name, and it sounded so good coming off her lips. I hugged her tight for a few moments before leaving.
She stood out on the porch as I went to my car, started it, and turned around on the street. I slowed down and opened my windows as I passed her on the porch, stopping.
“I just wanted to look at you one more time.” I said, smiling.
She smiled and ran down the steps, coming around the car to the driver’s side window.
“Is this better?” She asked.
She leaned in the window and kissed me, I couldn’t help but to fall into it, gliding my hand up her body, and down her arm. I took her hand, placing it on the strain against my pants, to let her know that was really what she did to me every time. Her fingers glided up and down my length, until I took her hand back in mine, interlocking my fingers with hers. She pulled away from my lips.
“Sweet dreams.” She said.
“Take a bubble bath tonight,” I said, “soak or you will be really sore tomorrow. Think of me while you do, imagine me being in there with you. I’ll want to hear all about it tomorrow.”
“Will you do the same?”
I nodded.
She kissed me quickly.
“Bye.” She smiled before running back up to her porch.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

MidWeek Tease 11.21.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things heated up back at his place, Anton took her home, where she invited him in...

My predator instinct was kicking in more intensely than I expected. I tried to restrain my eyes from changing over and my fangs from showing. I needed to distract myself or force myself to run away.

I looked around me, I was standing in her small living room that opened up into another small space that seemed to be her reading room. It was then it caught my eye - a larger space that opened off the reading room that was meant to be a dining room, was actually her art studio space - a painting sitting on an easel was right there. It was of a young woman in a tattered ballgown dancing on the edge of a forest in the moonlight, her face horrid and twisted, all done in black, white, and shades of greys, in a style that looked like an actual black and white photograph.
“Is that your studio?” I asked her without pulling my eyes away.
“Yeah.” She replied, shyly.
I walked through the reading room over to the painting. I studied it, focusing in on her brushstrokes, my vision able to see each miniscule detail of the strands of hair from her brushes.  I heard her walk up behind me. I turned to her forgetting all about losing control.
“Charlotte, this is beautiful.” I said, lost in her work just as she was lost in mine at the museum.
She had more paintings stacked up on the floor in rows. A moon and trees painting stuck out in hues of bright blue, white, and black. As did her more gory paintings that featured dark figures with bright red blood...there was a ghost attacking a person in a dark room of a house, and a collection of paintings that looked like an emulations of Edvard Munch’s vampire paintings in her own style. I was going to have to ask her about these and her thoughts on vampires, as I was now curious. A painting fell over as she walked by. I bent down and picked it up, looking at it, people dancing around a fire in the woods, celebrating..
“Festival of Dionysus.” She said, quietly.
“God of wine, madness, and ecstasy.” I finished. “Charlotte, you said you were an artist, but these are incredible.”
“Thanks.” She replied as she tried to tidy up. “I have too many projects going at once.”
I looked around the rest of the room, there were clay sculptures, woodcut prints, drawings, and her sewing machine with a half clothed mannequin next to it.
She saw me looking at it. “I’m trying to finish my costumes for the Fringe Festival, but I’ve been working so much.”
“You’re performing?” I inquired, Pierce Wines was one of the sponsors of the festival.
“Yeah,” she said hesitantly, “I’m in a circus troupe...we’re taking over the main tent for one night only. I’m a fire artist and aerial silks artist.”
She really was an artist in every sense of the word. Although, the fire was something I would stay away from. I wasn’t too fond of it, having a few run ins with it over the centuries, it conjured bad memories.
“I am speechless,” I said, “All I can say is wow.”
Another one of her devious smiles came across her face.
“The wine guy with millions is speechless.” She said with her attitude.
“Don’t push it.” I said, pulling her into me.
“Oh, I think I will.” She replied, gently biting her lip as she stared up at me.
She knew exactly what she was doing, only I don’t she had any idea how damn sexy she was when she did. Her green eyes stared through my undead soul and those lips...I still wanted them on every part of my body.
I lifted her up, she instinctively wrapped herself around me. I wanted to bend her over something and spank her again for her feistiness, but kissing those lips won out. Our lips locked together in a sensuous kiss. I walked a few steps, setting her down on top of her sewing table, continuing to kiss her. She sucked at my bottom lip before pulling away and moving down my throat to the crossroads of my shoulder and neck. She sucked again, this time her teeth slightly biting down. It caused me to moan, digging my nails into her sides. I pressed my body harder into hers. This was going to send me over the edge, either by just drinking her dry or taking her first until she was screaming in pleasure and then drinking her dry.
I pulled away, “Neither one of us is going to make it to work tomorrow if we don’t stop.”
She looked at me and smiled before I pulled her up and set her down on the floor.
“Until tomorrow evening?” I asked.
“I think I’m free, but I’ll have to check.” She replied, smirking.
I raised my eyebrow.
She laughed, “Yes, I’m free.”
“Good. And you got away with your feistiness tonight, punishment will be due tomorrow.”
“Okay, whatever.” She said, then smiled.
I took her by the arm and pulled her close.
“You know I can bend you over anything, right, and have punishment be due?” I whispered.
“Maybe I just want you to bend me over in other ways.” She whispered back, and then covered her mouth after she said it, smiling.
All I could do was close my eyes and take a long needed breath, she was going to push every limit.
“Until tomorrow.” I said.

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