Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mini-Treatment for Short Script

Take Your Life

STUART EMERSON, 33, is an intelligent doctor with a hidden secret; when he is not saving lives at the hospital, he is taking them. He is a psychotic killer that preys on women. After a night of torturing and killing his latest victim, Stuart is on the prowl for another young victim. He finds the beautiful Amber running alone in a cemetery. He kidnaps her and brings her back to his basement.

Stuart waits for her to awaken and then begins his game of getting to know her and her pain threshold. Only, to Stuart’s surprise does Amber have a high tolerance for pain and it seems as though she is enjoying it.

Amber talks to Stuart, relating to him, making it hard for Stuart to kill her. Amber convinces Stuart to untie her, and Amber’s game of manipulating him to let her take his own life begins.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm taking three classes this semester, a general studies art history type course, film aesthetics, and screenwriting I. Screenwriting is the only class I really love. i should love my film aesthetics class, but who the hell loves to analyze films down to the bare bones? And we had to write a 25 page thesis. Mine was on the vampire in film. Okay, cool topic, but who enjoys writing a 25 page paper? The class is one that all MFA film students have to take, but other than the thesis, its stuff you learn as an undergrad. Boring, give me the technical stuff; the directing, producing, editing, cinematography. get my hands dirty kind of stuff. I can easily pick up a book and read about how to critique, analyze, and the history of film. I have done it before, reading a book on how to properly critique photographs and how to write articles on gallery exhibits. I have also read about film history on my own. Yes, I am a big girl and I can do it on my own, if I want to really be serious about my craft.

One reason I hate my film aesthetics class, is that the professor seems to talk down to us, like we are undergraduate students. My screenwriting professor makes us feel like writers, not students, but this professor doesn't make me feel like a filmmaker at all.

i have been so busy with my classes that I haven't been able to edit my layout here, nor fix my profile. But I will soon.

Anyway, screenwriting is the class I love and I am about to start writing my 15 minute short that is my final project. I have not started it yet. I have been so busy with my classes that I have not had time to get into my characters and have the scenes play out in my head. This is usually the way I write out scripts. so, I'm going to blog about my process as I go through it. Until then...