Monday, October 10, 2011

Art Update

So, i am working on many things, which I know isn’t good to work on so many different things, but I cannot help it.

Since moving, I have not really focused too much on photography – sure my kids and some skyline images, but all with my crappy iphone 3gs camera. I just recently picked up my DSLR since the move on Saturday to photograph my son’s first soccer game. I used my telephoto lens and was quite surprised it worked so well because when the 28ft moving truck arrived in Atlanta, the first thing that fell out when opening the door was – you guessed it – my telephoto lens. i watched in horror as it bounced several times on the pavement before catching it. i would have tried it right away, but was too busy moving things, then i forgot it took a tumble. i know, i’m a horrible photographer. however, i am very happy i do not have to purchase another lens – rock on tameron lenses!

So, I was reminded on Saturday on how much i love my telephoto lens – it took beautiful images of the game and of extreme closeups of my kids. I will post these soon.

I will also take photos for the next juried exhibition at Image City Photo Gallery due in November and find places here in Atlanta to exhibit my work. And create new images.

As far as the stuff i do have going on: I am trying to dedicate a post a week to all of my blogs (6 in total i think).

Still working on a rewrite of my serial killer script. Finally, working on the thesis script I am writing with my director friend from school. (exciting!) Working on another short script that i am hoping to make my directorial debut with in the next few months. And working on a scriptless experimental film that plays with light and shadow. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, so I’ll be writing my first novel in november. i always wanted to write one, but never had the drive. maybe if it is in a short amount of time, i will accomplish it. I also might be doing a 3 day short film challenge this week.

Lots of film stuff happening, but i think it is what i need. There are so many opportunities here for film.

I am dying to do some traditional arts: drawing, painting, printmaking. and some fashion/costume design. hopefully, soon i can fit it in. it will be my free time from doing film and photo :)

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