Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o3.25.12

Continuing on...
Jake and Vaughn just stared at her, the cuteness of her voice echoing in their ears. They looked at each other; their eyes turning red and their fangs showing themselves, they both leaped over the bar as if it were nothing. Jake put his hand over her mouth as he grabbed onto her; she tried to scream as he sunk his fangs into her throat, Vaughn biting her on the opposite side. She tried to fight her attackers, but it was useless and it didn’t take long before she was unconscious and then dead in their arms. The first screams of the humans realizing what was happening, started to reverberate. 
Vaughn nudged Jake, snapping him out of his daydream. 

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P.S. Here is a summary of my novel. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - o3.18.12

This continues on from last week. Apparently, last week's link was de-activated - I guess I counted wrong with my sentences. But you can read it here, so this week's scene makes sense.

They both watched as she stretched to reach a bottle of Jack on the high shelf, her pale flat stomach creeping its way out of her tank top. Her black cargo pants hung very low on her hips; her navel was pierced, and the curvy tails of black tribal designs stuck out on each side of her front, leading down to where Jake and Vaughn wished they could see the rest.

Jake and Vaughn both breathed in her scent as she passed by,it was enough to drive them into bloodlust. They could easily leap over the bar, grab her, and drain her of her blood before anyone could stop them - the murderous creatures they were begged to be let out.
She walked over to them, “Hey guys, sorry about the wait. What can I get you?”

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Also, I finally posted a summary/pitch of my novel if you are interested in knowing about it. Novel Pitch

Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Time!

Moon & Clouds
I took this last week during the full moon. I loved how the moon was shrouded in the clouds and so perfectly surrounded by the tree branches.

I have so many photos, I need to try to post them in my blog. Especially all the ones still on my camera from months ago. I haven't been focusing on photography as much.

Thoughts on school

My director friend - oops, I mean she is now a production designer friend in San Francisco just passed her midpoint review, which means she now is allowed to work on her thesis. I am so happy for her and cannot wait to get working on her project! She is still the creator of the story, so in a sense she is still a director. Anyway, her passing her midpoint has gotten me motivated to do my review in July and start classes back up in the fall, giving up the total freedom I have right now. In the words of SpongeBob: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...

Novel Pitch

Well, here's my novel pitch/summary/whatever you want to call it. I've been working very hard on it. It still needs to be edited again. And the title may change.

She was dead the moment he saw her.

Jake Masterson was living a quiet existence back in Manhattan after many years of being apart from his maker. Tolerably living on cold, bagged human blood, Jake resists all of Vaughn’s attempts to get him to enjoy the comforts of the night. Until he sees her - Karlea, a uniquely beautiful bartender - the blood burning in him, yearning for hers. Jake can’t resist meeting her; an instant spark between them.

Jake can’t stay away. When Karlea is attacked, Jake easily comes to her rescue. Realizing that she is in serious danger that she doesn’t understand, Jake swears to protect her. But first he must protect her from himself. Jake begins to consume live human blood again, to keep up his strength and in hopes of resisting the urges to kill her. Jake regretfully tries to keep a safe distance from Karlea while she tries to push their relationship closer; Vaughn constantly pressuring him to turn her.

It doesn’t take Karlea long to discover the truth about Jake and get lost in a intimately steamy romance with him; ignoring all consequences.

Jake learns that one of the oldest living vampires wants Karlea for himself and will stop at nothing to get her. Jake, now possessing her heart, isn’t about to let that happen. Jake enlists Vaughn’s help to protect her, but Vaughn is reluctant to help, not wanting to die from protecting a human - that is until he realizes that he is falling for her, too.

Jake must keep her safe at all costs while still trying not to accidentally kill her himself. 

And my one liner:
BloodLust is a story about Jake Masterson, a 623 year old vampire, whose quiet existence is disrupted when he falls in love with a human woman and must protect her from one of the first and oldest vampires who will make her his empress against her will; all while Jake starts a passionate romance with her and tries not to accidentally kill her himself.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o3.11.12

This week we continue right where we left off last week.

Jake studied everything about her...every movement, every word spoken...the way she looked... as she moved about the bar.

“You had to pick the bartender, the one that everyone will notice that she’s gone,” Vaughn said, “What am I going to do with you?”
Vaughn watched her, too, intrigued. “She is hot...I didn't pay attention before. Are you going to be biting that later, I hope? Maybe fucking her and turning her, too?”

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Update on Things

I am always super busy - that is no surprise with 5 children, a long To-Do list, and many blogs that I do have and don't post often enough in (I don't know how many to be exact, i don't feel like counting them right now).
I'm still working on my novel, however, very slowly - the one I started for NaNoWriMo. I am more focused on writing the perfect summary/pitch for it and getting a Kickstarter campaign going for it. Trust me, I'd much rather write the story. I entered the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza contest for it, but my pitch, unfortunately, was not one of the 25 randomly selected pitches. But at least it got me going on writing the best pitch possible for it. I do plan on turning it into a graphic novel and a tv series. I have to admit that the Twilight graphic novel has gotten me excited to turn my novel into one and the tv series is actually where the story came from. I figured I'd write the novel first then write the series.

I'm also working on getting my website back up. That really needs to get done.

I'm trying to work on a short film with my friend from AAU for a short film contest that ends in March. One character/one location - simple, engaging, and thought provoking, and shows that we can tell a damn good story. I bought two new video cameras and NEED to use them, so the hubby and I want to make a film. Still working on an idea for that - I'm thinking Memento meets Donnie Darko.

I am having this really bad urge to draw and paint. And have dedicated fridays as art friday. I basically broke my calendar down and each day I work on something in particular. This is the first week and so far I've failed to do the things I was supposed to on their designated days. I will try again next week, I guess. Thinking about taking a painting class to hone my painting skills.

The last five weeks I have been doing Six Sentence Sunday, using my novel for material. And I love it. I have so much fun crafting paragraphs into 6 sentences. So that is a keeper and something I have to do every week. I just have to make time to comment on others' posts, so that maybe they will comment on mine and build a fan base.

I'm thinking about dropping everything for the month of April and doing ScriptFrenzy, rewriting one of my scripts. If I go back to grad school next year, I won't be doing anything, so now is the time.

Speaking of school, I have to plan out my next few months if I really am going to do my midpoint review over the summer. The thesis book has to be done by July. Which doe entail me making a film for my portfolio and figuring if I want to stay as a screenwriting focus or switch to directing. I also need to re-read all my film books and know it all, I'm not screwing around if I go back.

I need to do some photo work, give myself a new project and get all the pics off of my camera. i took many fall leaves shots, but have yet to do anything with them. I know the 6x6 deadline back in Rochester is coming up. Image City doesn't have any juried shows right now. I need to look around Atlanta for calls for entiries. I thought about signing up for a show at the cafe I hang out at, but I don't know how far out the wait is and if I want to bother with having to come here for it, if I were to move to another city. Moving is always a possibility, hopefully Cali.

I'm working on trying to organize my computers and have apps in my browsers for everything I use as far as websites, but so far it seems to slow my browser down and I don't have that many apps. I figure if I could just click a button and be brought to fbook, tumblr, etc., it would be helpful.

Other thoughts for projects that I have been playing with are a fashion line based on music/movies/tv. Each article of clothing would be titled after a song or something. I did this once with My Chemical Romance songs and created this beautiful dress that was inspired by a line in their lyrics. 30STM would be the first line, since I have been listening to them a lot lately. I also got a twitter account for writing twitter length vampire stories, which should be fun. I also want to write more short vampire erotica stories - oh, you know it will sell :)

Other things: the hubby told me about a site called Skillshare, where you teach classes in person wherever you want. Thinking about putting a few together to put up on there; specifically screenwriting. I've always wanted to teach and this is a good start to build my teaching resume. I also in the future want to start a digital filmmaking school website, teaching film online with paid classes and free tutorials and such, kinda like Digital Photography School. I also need to figure out what tattoos/piercings I want. My #5 has stopped nursing, so now I can focus on my body art! I'm excited to have my body back and have a feeling that most tattoos will be lyric/some kind of text inspired. I'm writer, its only natural to have words tattooed on me :)
I was thinking of applying for an arts and crafts instructor at Zoo Atlanta for their summer camp. As of today the position was still open and I have every qualification they have listed. Its a toss up because I want to go back to work, but then my older boys are home on summer break too, so I would need to figure something out for them - although my oldest probably wouldn't mind being away from me for most of the summer, he is going through the "parents are not cool" phase. i wonder if they could go to work with me and be my assistants.

Sorry, this post is everywhere, but so is my brain, there is a lot to catch up on.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - o3.o4.12

This scene takes place soon after Jake and Vaughn's conversation from last week's six. Their dates have gone to use the restroom while they get drinks from the bar, which was Jake's idea.

Vaughn watched as Jake scanned the bar; the couple in front of them moving, so Jake had a clearer view. Jake finally sees the bartender from the photo and she is more beautiful to him in person.

She was in the photo I took earlier,” Vaughn said with a huge grin, “She’s the reason you came out tonight.”

She was in the middle of making a drink when she looked up and saw Jake watching her. She smiled and almost dropped the bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey she was flipping into the air; the scare of almost not catching it snaped her out of her trance and back on the drink she was preparing. Jake studies her...

Let your imaginations wander. See ya next week!
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