Friday, March 16, 2012

Novel Pitch

Well, here's my novel pitch/summary/whatever you want to call it. I've been working very hard on it. It still needs to be edited again. And the title may change.

She was dead the moment he saw her.

Jake Masterson was living a quiet existence back in Manhattan after many years of being apart from his maker. Tolerably living on cold, bagged human blood, Jake resists all of Vaughn’s attempts to get him to enjoy the comforts of the night. Until he sees her - Karlea, a uniquely beautiful bartender - the blood burning in him, yearning for hers. Jake can’t resist meeting her; an instant spark between them.

Jake can’t stay away. When Karlea is attacked, Jake easily comes to her rescue. Realizing that she is in serious danger that she doesn’t understand, Jake swears to protect her. But first he must protect her from himself. Jake begins to consume live human blood again, to keep up his strength and in hopes of resisting the urges to kill her. Jake regretfully tries to keep a safe distance from Karlea while she tries to push their relationship closer; Vaughn constantly pressuring him to turn her.

It doesn’t take Karlea long to discover the truth about Jake and get lost in a intimately steamy romance with him; ignoring all consequences.

Jake learns that one of the oldest living vampires wants Karlea for himself and will stop at nothing to get her. Jake, now possessing her heart, isn’t about to let that happen. Jake enlists Vaughn’s help to protect her, but Vaughn is reluctant to help, not wanting to die from protecting a human - that is until he realizes that he is falling for her, too.

Jake must keep her safe at all costs while still trying not to accidentally kill her himself. 

And my one liner:
BloodLust is a story about Jake Masterson, a 623 year old vampire, whose quiet existence is disrupted when he falls in love with a human woman and must protect her from one of the first and oldest vampires who will make her his empress against her will; all while Jake starts a passionate romance with her and tries not to accidentally kill her himself.


  1. wow that is awsome, i better get the second copy when its made in to a book,k love you. keep writen , im

  2. You will definitely get a copy! I'm going to make an eBook version and a print version. I might do an audiobook version, but I would have to pay for the right narrator.
    I'm planning to draw a graphic novel and write a tv series for it. It originally started as an tv series idea.
    I'm trying to put a campaign up on to raise funds to do all this and hire models for an appropriate book cover.
    Love you sis! Thanks for commenting!

  3. This sounds fantastic! It's got everything - passion, a love triangle (or should that be a love square!), vampires!

    Just out of (nosy) interest, do you watch Being Human (about a werewolf, ghost and vampire living in a house together)? I'm in love with the UK version and Jake sounds a little like the vampire Hal in BH, trying to control his bloodlust.

    The best of luck with it!

    1. Thanks. This is the first time I have written a pitch for my novel. And first time writing a novel, too. Didn't know if I was doing it right or if it sounded right.

      I love Being Human! Both UK and US! I haven't seen the new season though, of the UK version. I read about Hal, but haven't seen him. I like Tom. The last episode I saw was when George staked Mitchell :( I'll have to get the new episodes off of netflix or something.

  4. Girl it gets better evertime i read I like your ideal about t.v series, you got the goods,lol. keep it going. I like the pic you are puttin with your story makes it more real. Love you sis, cant wait for nexts sunday:)

  5. I can't wait to get my hands around this book! Write, write, print!