Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o4.o1.12

Jake looked around the bar, she was still alive, making drinks for a couple a few feet away; she looked at him and smiled.
“Was it good for you?” Vaughn grinned, “Because I enjoyed it.”

Jake looked down trying to regain control, “A few drinks will control the craving.”

“You can drink all the drinks in the world, I don’t think they’ll calm your craving for this particular girl, until she’s dead and gone.” Vaughn replied.

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  1. Love it, i want to read more, ya sis. you sould put some pic in there of jake and vaughn, so we can get a tast of what you are thinking.

  2. I found pics of them. The Vaughn pic is okay. The one of Jake is good, but I don't like the girl with him. Love the pose they are in, I just wish she had a different face. Maybe I can photoshop my karlea face onto her body, lol!