Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday o8.26.12

This is my first blog post from my new home in the East Bay! So far, I love California! I sit here on the floor in an empty living room writing this as our belongings have not arrived yet! We've been living here for two weeks now with only what we could take on an airplane and what we could mail to ourselves. I'm kinda used to it by now, so its going to be strange to have most of our stuff (some didn't fit into our POD and is in storage in Atlanta! Some of it I need right away too as we didn't get to decide what went where). Our house is much smaller and I don't know where anything is going to go. We just got our car delivered from Atlanta yesterday.

I think when we last left off, Karlea figured out that she was in a vampire club, Vaughn had his arm wrapped around her, holding her to him.

Vaughn whispered in her ear, “I’m the only thing that gets you out that door alive. You’re safe with me. This stamp protects you.” He said, pointing to her glowing th stamp: taken human. “They won’t let you out without me by your side, and no one else can touch you.It doesn't mean they won't try, but I can assure you I can take them all if I had to, I am much older and stronger than any of them combined."

That's it for this week. Hopefully next week, my house will be all set up and I can focus on my writing. I really want to introduce this new character that came into the picture and that I started writing a side story about. I'm trying to work out exactly how this will fit into my novel. And, yes, I totally have someone in mind for this new character, maybe we will play a game to see if anyone can guess it :)

Thanks for reading and please comment! Have a great week!

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