Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creative Update

I always have a lot going on. I still have 5 kids afterall. And I'm in a new, busier city where things are way more fast paced than the south. However, my creativeness has not dissipated. 

Getting my website still remains top priority because I just need to get my portfolio up there. I'm hoping once I do that it will be easy to maintain. I'm then hoping I can update blogs on a regular basis. Most blogs just need a post or two to catch up. However, my Vampire Vegan blog needs a lot of catching up and I don't work on it because it seems so daunting. I have 5 months of vegan-ness to catch up on, plus recipes. And a cooking show for it would be nice. 
I work on these tasks, but only for so long before I get bored and need to write, photograph, plan a film, or do some kind of art. I have 5 kids and I need a creative outlet to balance myself. If I don't create, I find I can't function in life or society. I get in this weird depression. If only I could get paid for my art.

So, my current list of creative things I'm working on:
First, I am very much into writing my side story to my novel about Armani. I really do not know what I am doing with it; if I will put his story into my novel or what. Its becoming longer than orginally planned. It was supposed to be a fantasy that was planted into the main character's mind, but now it is taking on a story of its own. Any suggestions would be great!

I have been thinking of re-releasing my poetry chapbook from 2000. Back then it was self-published, using Kinko's and a stapler. didn't exist. So, I was thinking of fixing it up, adding a few poems, and publishing it again. Maybe do a short sample version on paper that I DIY put it together again, an artistic way, but much better than before. And then give those copies away as a sample.

I'm in the middle of storyboarding a short, so I can film it. But I am taking my time with it. Everything created for it; storyboards, etc, will all need to go in my portfolio for my MFA review. So, it has to be decent and not rushed. 

I am also writing another short film that will be shot as stills. And I will be drawing the images, using video editing software as the way to add motion. Should be interesting, but as I am starting it, I'm realizing it might take a long time to get to the point of filming. 

I've also been inspired to write some poetry. So, I set time aside for that. Or I try to. I always get ideas at the worst time, when I am most busy. I also starting to work on a series of paintings. I need to paint to relieve stress.  

I have also finally installed ProTools on my laptop, after both my Macs are not working. So, I am messing around with creating some electronic music. I'm excited. Hoping that some of my poetry will lead to good lyrics. I know how to do sound for film on ProTools, but music with ProTools is a bit new. So, I have to decided it is best to read the sections on creating music in my ProTools guidebook. 

I am still working on my clothing designs, but no plans to actually create them yet. I totally don't have time to sew and my machine is still in storage in Atlanta anyway. But I at least get detailed designs down on paper. 

I am designing a t-shirt line, too. This will be put up online sooner than later. 

Other things I have going on include having to re-read every textbook and note from my film program for my review. I was a screenwriting focus, but have decided to switch to a directing focus. So, since i can't take more classes until i pass this review, it is all on me to know my shit for directing and execute it with my demo reel. I want to go into my review knowing every aspect of film that I need to know as a director, so they have no reason not to pass me. I want them to see how serious I am. 

My hope with this update is to now update more frequently and not just with my Six Sentence Sunday writing.

Hearts & Stars

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