Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Film Update Post

I thought I would post my update from my Graduate Film Blog over at Wordpress.

So, I moved to San Francisco from Atlanta three months ago. Finally, sunny California. I love it. It is far different than New York or Atlanta, though. Atlanta was different than New York, in that it had way more trees, wildlife, and just plain beauty. But the East Bay is far more Urban than I am used to. Houses are not very big and the yards, well,you’re lucky to have one. In Atlanta, we had the perfect suburban home with a huge front yard and huge back yard, and beautiful rainstorms, and the warmest weather. Perfect for the kids. But I gave it all up. The landscape is so different, many hills on the horizon with houses and houses, and palm trees.
It was a toss up between Los Angeles and San Francisco. L.A. had always been my dream, but just getting to California is a huge feat. San Francisco won for now. Although, i still have yet to see the Golden Gate Bridge up close. My school is here, which is nice. I haven’t gone back to school yet, but when I do I will be taking a class on campus.
I’m excited that L.A. is 6 hours away. I am anxiously planning a weekend getaway to see L.A. and start deciding if it is the final destination or not. I am excited that if I do want to move there, it is more likely to happen as soon as I want it and that I can actually look at houses, instead of just randomly choosing a place to live.
As always, i’m working on lots of stuff. Writing poetry, still working on my novel, trying to get my new website up (I get bored and stop working on it too easily). I’m also working on a t-shirt line and publishing a poetry chapbook.
But as far as film is concerned, I am trying to seriously get my midpoint review stuff together, so I can do my review and go back to school and finish my MFA. Its time. I have decide to change my concentration to directing. So, with that being said, I am re-reading all my film textbooks. I need to know my shit to do this, to pass my review. I need to show them that I know this stuff!
I need to put my demo reel together, too, which means I need to re-edit two shorts, and make as many more as I can. I am currently in the middle of storyboarding a short that I will soon film. But even my storyboards have to be really good because it all needs to go into my portfolio for my review. I’m also working on a script that will be filmed like an animation. That I will be filming. I will be doing the drawings with others, maybe my son, and then filming stills of them. I will animate portions of the stills in FCP. The dialogue will be sort of like a radio play. It sounds like a fun project, but I’m beginning to realize how much time it is actually going to take to do this.
I also have three screeenplays that need editing to make it into my portfolio. The latest is the pilot episode of a vampire series. It was really fun to write and I did start the second episode, but that is on hold right now.
My film friend from New York lives out here, going to AAU for production design. She is the one I have to thank for enticing me to S.F. We’ve been working on some fun film things, too, since I got here. I edited one of her scripts. Then wrote up a treatment for a music video she wanted to do. I had so much fun writing it. It will be filmed within the next few weeks. Excited to see how it turns out! We still have another script to write, but she doesn’t want to do it until she graduates in May. We’ve also been talking about other scripts/ideas that we want to work on. So, happy I have her, I love talking film with her!!
Alright, back to work, while I can. I still have 5 kids at home to take care of. I will post updates on fun film things. Happy holiday season!

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