Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday o1.27.13

Welcome to the last "official" Six Sentence Sunday :(
I was tempted to write "The Last" in my title instead of the date, but I'm still going to post six every week. Although, I will not be using the image above anymore to start my post - it is not mine to use :)

I'm really hoping that Skye Warren is going to start hosting SSS next week! If not, then you can surely bet that if someone doesn't pick it up, I will. 
If anyone knows of someone else hosting a SSS, please let me know. Or if no one does and you are interested in posting each Sunday, drop me a comment here or email me Just make sure to leave me your name and a way for me to contact you.

Oh, I also have a favor to ask to all of you more seasoned writers than I, who seem to always be turning out books (that's so awesome!) I am trying to write a summary of my book (which is still a WIP) mainly for a Kickstarter project I'm doing. Would any of you be willing to read my summary and critique/offer suggestions for improvement? My story is not like any popular vampire stories of today, but I don't want my summary to sound like it is every other vamp novel out there. Please email me if you can do this! I will be forever grateful and will return the favor! Thanks, guys, you all rock! And I am honored to have shared my Sundays with you for the past year I have been doing this! I have met some really cool people/amazing authors and I plan to stay in touch, SSS or not. 

And a quick apology; I have not gotten around to reading your sixes from last week! So sorry! But I plan on reading last week's and this week's together, and will try to do it earlier in the week (I usually spend Saturday mornings reading your sixes). So fear not, I will read and comment! I am addicted to your stories anyways!

And on a side note, the Berkeley Hills had a small earthquake on Friday! This is the first since I've moved here (I think). But I DID NOT feel anything!!!! My friend felt it and was the one that let me know and she lives only up the street from me. I'm kinda :( I want to feel an earthquake, a small one, it will make me feel more Californian ;)

Now for more K & A, as I like to call them. Last week, Karlea told Armani to finish it... 

Armani looked at her as he slowly put his hand behind her head. He positioned her neck slightly, still looking at her before sinking his fangs into her throat. A very quiet moan escaped her. She closed her eyes, waiting to enter blackness forever.
Armani pulled away quickly, pulling his wrist from his sleeve. Without thinking twice, he quickly bit his wrist, moaning slightly in pain, and let a drop of his blood fall into her wound. Any more than a drop would make her too strong.
"No." Karlea attempted to yell out unsuccessfully.
She gasped. Within those seconds, her wound from the stake healed itself and her bite marks. Her strength was the last to return as she sat up, the healing process done. She stared at Armani, catching her breath, afraid of what was to come next...

And you all thought it was the end for Karlea! It is only the beginning! 

Thanks for reading and please comment - I love reading comments!

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Have a great week! And I will definitely see you next week, no matter what!

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  1. Yes! I was hoping he'd do something like that :)
    I'm hoping Skye hosts as well, we'll just have to wait and see.

    1. Thanks for reading! If you check out Karysa Faire's six for this week, she has a link to a SSS facebook groups she started.

  2. I'm glad too, that he hasnt really 'killed' her. Wonderful six again. Wishing you all the best Siren

    1. Thank you :) I will still be checking into your blog each week, so I will be seeing you around ;) Wishing you the best, as well!

  3. But does she want to be a vampire?
    Another possibility:

    1. She kind of does. It would be cool for her for awhile, but she knows the concept of eternity will probably get boring after some time. So in the eternity sense, she's a bit terrified of it.

  4. I should clarify because it is not in this snippet. She didn't die here; she was extremely close; if Armani had taken one more sip or so of her blood, she would have died. Therefore Armani giving her a drop of his blood, only healed her, it didn't turn her. I know, boring, right? Hehe, you have no idea what Karlea is in for :)
    That's what I love about this being a WIP and not having a summary to share, you readers don't know what is going to happen at all :) And sometimes I don't either.